Friday, January 26, 2018

Valentine's Inspiration: Gated Heart Card .SVG File

Good Afternoon Friends!

I'm busy making Valentine's cards and thought I would share the file I am using to make them.  Hope you can find some inspiration from it...I'm not a fussy person and like clean lines, but you can dude up this card with flowers and ribbons, etc to your heart's content.  Please feel free to download the .svg file and cut out on your digital cutter...

The Gated Heart Card...

I cut the card to 5 x 7 out of thin chipboard and doubled up on the front heart.  Simply cut a 1 x 7 strip of cardstock, score down the middle at 1/2-inch and apply Scor-tape or similar to each side of the score line...Again, cut another 1-1/4-inch strip just as in steps above.  Apply the longer 7-inch strip to the left edge of the card pieces and the 1-1/4 strip to the right edges of the card at the gate.  Burnish sides of strip so that card sits flat.  The card is constructed.  Now, add your love to it...

Here is the downloadable .SVG file for the Heart Card:

Click HERE or follow the link below...

Hope you can use it...

Thanks Tons!



  1. Jim, this card is fun and fabulous. I don't have an electronic cutter but your instructions will be easy to follow to construct a hand-made card. Thanks so much. I sending you all kinds of cosmic love!

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