Thursday, November 18, 2021

It's Back- 2020's Advent Calendar!

 Hello All,

Just a quick post...I have been emailed by some folks who never had the chance to get the advent calendar last year and wanted it.  I am truly honored to say that I sold out twice in 2020.  It really is a cool project.

Anyway, I have made a few more kits for those who are interested.  Please know I'm not trying to be a hard core sales person.  It's just not me.  Here's the deal.  I'm completely out of chipboard and will not be able to get it back in stock in time for these to be cut again before advent.  So, if you are all interested, please get your kit now.

I've spent the last couple of days cutting and kitting these.  They are ready to go out the door tomorrow!  NO waiting!  They will ship, as always, 2-3 Day Priority Mail.  You should have plenty of time to get these done before the big day.

For more information or to purchase the Advent Calendar please click on the link below:

Thanks So Much!  Happy Thanksgiving All!


The Gentleman Crafter

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