Friday, October 29, 2021

More New Holiday Kits!

 Hello Everyone!

Yep, there is a reason I have a sign on my wall that reads, "SANTA'S WORKSHOP".  I'm in the zone!  I've created a three more projects for the holiday season.  

The first project, I'm so proud of.  I love clocks!  You may have noticed as I have created a ton of them in the past.  I once did a really cool cuckoo clock from chipboard, then this year, I've decided to do one in wood.  Believe it or not the wooded one was so much easier to do.  Hence, my happy smile right now.  I hope you like that project.  The Cuckoo Bird sadly doesn't come in and out, nor does it "Cuckoo".  Knowing myself, I would have been delighted to figure out how, but then I thought it would complicate things.  So...NO JIMBO NO!  

The Cuckoo Clock is offered two ways.  One with a digital chiming mechanism.  (It sounds really good I think.) and one without.  Both have swinging pendulums.   Don't let this one intimidate you.  It may look large, but I guarantee you its not hard to do.  Hope you like it... 

Christmas Cuckoo Clock

For more information or to purchase the kit, click on the link below:

With Chime-

Without Chime-

The Wooden Christmas Stocking

A fun project to create in an afternoon to help decorate the house or to fill with goodies and give as a gift. All engraved and ready to be assembled and painted...

For more information or to purchase this kit, click on the link below:

The Deer and Trees Decoration

And a one last fun, fast and easy Christmas decoration to help dress up the house for the holidays or a special gift you made to give as a cherished gift.  A beautiful deer walking through a forest of trees.  Love this!

For more information on this project or to purchase the kit, click on the link below:

Well, that's what I have this week!  I really hope you like the project.

Thanks so much for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter

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