Saturday, October 23, 2021

New Book of Christmas Cheer and Fall Hay Wagon!

 Hello My Friends...

I have been working on a few projects lately.  This is so my time of year!  I love creating any and everything!  I have even found myself getting up early to run into the studio to make and design.  Love it!  

Today, I wanted to share something I honestly have enjoyed making which, as we all know, crafting takes us to a different place.  A warm cozy place.   This is my warm cozy dream Christmas place all magically hidden inside a book.  I call it, A Book of Christmas Cheer.  Since the Halloween Spell book did so well, I thought I would do a Christmas version.  Some may think it's a bit early for Christmas but it's never to early to get going on making Christmas goodies to be ready to decorate with.  This is so fun to make and decorate!

Here's A Book of Christmas Cheer...

For more information on this project or to purchase the kit please follow the link below:

The Fall Hay Wagon-Large

Some of you may recall I made a kit called Fall Hay Wagon in years past.  For Thanksgiving years ago, I made my mom a larger one as she always decorated her dining room table with anything seasonal.  I never released this version but made a few for gifts.  I decided to share the new larger kit as it's awesome to place anywhere anytime of the year.  Now when I say large, It's not HUGE! For Fall decoration,  it's perfect to place a 4-inch potted mum and some small pumpkins.  Instant Fall decor.  Again, such a great container, if you will, to place all kinds of things to display.

For more information on this project or to purchase the kit please follow the link below:

That's what I've created so far...I hope you like the projects.

Thanks for coming over for a look!


The Gentleman Crafter

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