Monday, July 30, 2012

The Winner!

Whew!  I'm done with all my projects for July and August!  I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful, relaxing, calm, happy feeling that gives me!  Three cool projects for Graphic 45 for August, a couple for Inspiration Emporium Inspiration Team Challenge for July (still need to do August LOL!) and one for Carol over at Scrapadabadoo!  Three of which I finished yesterday!  I was on a roll this weekend!  It was fun!  I love to be busy and love to craft!

My mom asks me often, if I ever tire of crafting and making projects...My reply... I really don't!  The reason, I believe, is that each project is so completely different.  I get totally excited about each one.  I have an idea of what I'm trying to create in my mind, but have no idea what it will become or look like.  So I look forward to seeing it.  I totally enjoy thinking about what's next and then look forward to actually putting it into motion.  Make sense? I may be a craft weirdo but who cares!  I'll just be one in a top hat!  :)

Anyway, on to the winner...

Thank you all for your kind and inspiring comments on the Graphic 45 Hokora in the beautiful Bird Song Collection.  A BIG thank you for coming over to follow me here at my new blog home.  Which brings me to this....I want to announce the winner for my Blog Hop Give-a-way!

The envelope please....

cyndiemartin..........  I'm assuming this is Cyndie Martin.  Congratulations!!!  Hope you enjoy it!  Cyndie, please email me your info and I will get the Graphic 45 goodies out to you!  Thank you all for putting your name in the hat!  You Rock!

OK, I'm doing back to back posts tonight so Highlights of CHA coming next....See y'all in a few!
Thanks again Cyndie and each of you for following and subscribing!  You all rock!  Seriously...You all Rock!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Congrats to the winner. And can't wait for your next posts Jim!


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  2. Congratulations to Cyndie!


  3. Congrats Cyndie. Jim you rock. I thought maybe we were going to have to send out a search party. LOL. I figured you were just busy. Wow that is alot of project to have completed!!!! Looking forward to seeing more CHA stuff later. By the way Jim, I noticed that you use alot of Timmie's hitch post fasteners. You must have a huge stash. I can't believe they are no longer available. Trying to figure out something to replace them with. Any ideas??

    1. I know Marcie ME TOOO! When I was on vacay in Hilton Head, I ran into the mega Tuesday Morning they have there. They had like 5 packages of them! I bought them all! I was sorry to not leave some for the next person...Who am I kidding! LOL! I love those hitch posts and will be at a loss! We'll find something! Maybe!


    2. If you were both looking for an alternative to the TH Hitch Fastener there is a item called a Sam Browne Stud (OK, I didn't name it - lol) and it is used in leather goods. I googled them and got a lot of hits and they actually looked like a Hitch Fastner. The cost was suppose to be more afforable then the TH's product but I did not see that. Jim, if I see any at my Tuesday AM I will pick them up for you. Hope this helps.

  4. Wow you have been one busy top hat !! I always look forward to seen a new Jim creation as you are right, they are each different and very unique !! Keep up the good work

  5. Congrats Cyndie! Did you leave any Scor-tape for the rest of us? LOL what's next, Jim?

  6. congrats cyndie! do you have time to go to Michaels?????Just sayin!!!!! Can't wait to see your next creations....ya know i love what you do!!! Couldn't REALLY not stop in and read you blog!!!!

  7. Congratulations to Cyndie!!

    Jim....looking forward to seeing more of your CHA photos and your stories!

  8. Congrats to Cyndie ! Jim that's okay if you're a weirdo ( you're really not) We love the projects!

  9. Yes, that makes sense. You aren't a weirdo...or if you are, I guess that makes a lot of us weirdos if we get excited over each and every project we see through from start to finish!
    Congrats to your winner Cyndie!
    Jessica S

  10. Hooray for Cyndie! I know she will love your giveaway! Jim, never think you are a weirdo for being passionate about what you love to do. You give us all so much joy...tell you what...we'll all just be weirdos's that? LOL (But I don't have a top hat...will a beret do?)

  11. Congratulations Cyndie. You are so lucky. What a great gift. And Thanks Jim for being so generous!

  12. OMG, I could not believe I won. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Jim you are one of the most talented people out there. When I first came across your work I was blown away. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents with us. And thank you again for the opportunity. Cyndie

  13. Congrats Cyndie...Thank you Jim for the amazing prizes!!


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