Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Morning Chico!

Good Morning Everybody!

Just crawled out of bed!  It was tough!  I made my way to the coffee pot and brewed a cup of coffee so whatever I may write in the next 30 minutes, please don't hold me accountable!  Now it two hours later and I feel like I can actually make sense....Maybe!

Well, the plane flight was another adventure....The plane we were leaving on had a mechanical failure and by the grace of God Cesar came running up and said they are loading a plane going to Los Angeles and we hopped on that!  There is a story about this that I wouldn't go into detail about right now...But it was funny...

Got to LAX and hopped on another itty bitty tiny plane to Sacramento....We rented a car...A cool RED Mustang baby! (it was a free upgrade!!) and drove to Chico...Wow Wow Wow!  the landscape started off low and flat and then came the mountains!  To cool....

When we got to the hotel, the sweet ladies of Chico Scrapbooks,,,Jodie, Linda and Sharon made the coolest basket of goodies for Cesar and I....TOO amazing!  Wow....So nice of them....Of course it didn't stay pretty very long as I pulled out a bag of rice chips and went to town....After a nap...Man, I slept for an hour and you talk about deep sleep, it was so hard to wake up!  But it was so nice to just relax for a bit....yes, after a nap, Sharon and Linda picked us up to head over to Chico Scrapbooks to meet everyone and open up even more treats!  Thank you ladies so much!

Last it was off to dinner at a very cool restaurant which I cannot think of the name of at this mo...but it was TOOOLICCIOUS!  I'm still full!  LOL!  So amazing!  Then it was back to the hotel and I think by 9:30 I was out like a light! 

Here are some various pictures of the day....

Driving To Chico...

Cool little hills on the way to Chico...

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The AMAZING Gift Basket from the ladies...

We made It To Chico Scrapbooks!  YAY!

Jodie Beck, the store owner, Mwahhh, Linda and Sharon Young

Linda Made me this amazing Apron from Circa 1934 Fabric!  Totally Awesome!
(Linda, Jim and Sharon)

The Workroom at Chico Scrapbooks!

Linda, Jim and Sharon when they came to pick us up!

Me telling some tale to Jodie and Sharon in Chico Scrapbooks!  Just a note...FANTASTIC STORE!!!WOW!!!

Sharon, Linda and I trying out the goose neck technique to make that double chin go away....Bahahahaha!  Sadly I was the only one who needed this!  :)

Meeting Jodie..

Backtracking a bit....The SAC Airport...Fabulous sculpture!

Our pilot taking us to SAC from LAX...Told you tiny plane!

Me looking calm and sleepy waiting for the plane...

You can figure this one out...LOL!

Pictures from the airplane window coming into Los Angeles...

Another shot of California from the sky....I think this is California....:)

Well that's it gang...Off to go explore Chico and meet some new friends....See you tonight...

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. lol on that goose neck thing... I tried to explain it at the Time Warp Art Retreat & you show it here so nicely... BTW missed y'all there ^^^

  2. Glad you both arrived safely and I hope that the fires in California aren't anywhere near Chico. What a lovely gift basket for you both - so kind of the girls! The store looks amazing - I'd love to have a root around there for an hour or two (with an unlimited credit card of course)! Have fun!

  3. Interesting trip to Chico. Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates this weekend.

  4. Absolutely LOVE that apron! Safe travels, my friend!


  5. Great photos! Thanks for the tour!

  6. I think your middle name is Fun! If it's not... then it follows you around! Loved seeing all the pics and reading about your adventure. Have a great time this weekend!

  7. I'd have said your middle name must be adventure... what a trip!!

  8. I hope all goes smooth for you today, can't wait to hear all the details.

  9. So glad you made it to Chico in one piece!!! I was worried about you driving the RED mustang as your plane drugs were wearing off...or did Cesar drive? Thanks for all the pictures...sure wish I could be there to play!! Can't wait for the next blog installment!!

  10. Oh my gosh! Lol! It's starting to look like you attract the same difficulties with flying that my husband does. On his last flight to Vegas we flew really low because my husband spotted fuel leaking from the wing. I dearly hope this doesn't keep you from getting back on a plane next weekend when you come to Seattle. You should be able to see Mt. St. Helen's (volcano)from the plane and of course Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound. I'm really looking forward to meeting you. If you get stuck somewhere, call and I'll pick you up (in a car). Helicopters are cool too. OMG - still laughing. (With you, of course) Have a great class

  11. Looks like you had a fantastic time Jim. Love the apron how cool is that. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Karen.x

  12. Love Love Love your Adventure! I'm still hoping to catch a drive for next week. ;)
    No matter how many will become seasoned & Mo is right...the view into Seattle is STUNNING! If you can get her to take you to pikes place for a day your going to Lurv it just as much too.
    (Creatique Candy)

  13. Look at the box of goodies!!! I love the yardsticks. But it made me laugh. There are a couple that said, Trout Furnature Store, South Main Street, Atlanta GA. There is no Main street here. Everything thing is Peachtree something. LOL Looks like loads of fun you had there!!!

  14. Yikes... I have gotten so behind... but it looks like you had a good time and Wow, they did spoil you both rotten! Thanks for sharing Jim!!!


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