Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Good Morning Everyone!

I decided to blog from my cell phone while I wait in a line to go down 971 which leads from my house to Austin where I work.

They, who ever they may be, always pick the grandest times to do these road renovations. I'm sure there is a reason.  Rains have stopped, maybe the heat helps the asphalt to be laid better, just finally getting to it, etc. But I just feel for the men who are standing  on the newly laid blacktop in what will be 103 degrees today. Wow!  Makes me thankful to these gents for tbe service they give to the county.  Thank you.

Well, I


  1. You are truly a terrific guy!!!! I am sure that more people curse the road construction crews than take time to appreciate the very important job they are doing. Your blog is always a great read! Thanks.

  2. I'm with you Jim, I can't imagine standing in that heat 8 hrs. a day! Have a great day!!

  3. Yikes! That's hot for those folks. I know in Arizona they do roadwork during the night because of the heat. Las Vegas is going to be 117 today and you dn't want to get stuck in Death Valley. Wish I could let that crew know that you appreciate their work and aren't cursing at them. Have a terrific, hopefully air-conditioned, day.

  4. Thanks for your perspective on those road workers. They really are proving a service to all of us. I work for a construction company and see what our guys go through in the summer. Weatherman is saying 112 in Chico next week. So appreciate all the construction workers. Have a great Thursday. Almost weekend crafty time. Yahoo.

  5. Sometimes it's hard to not be impatient with the road crews but you are so's HOT out there and they are doing a job that I wouldn't do...God Bless them!!

  6. I guess traffic started moving as you stopped mid-sentence. ;-) Nope, never in a million years would I do that job. I'd die of heat stroke within 30 minutes (maybe less). I always roll down my window, wave and say thank you. We complain when the roads need repair, then complain when they try to fix them. We need more patience and empathy in this world, don't we?

  7. Hey Jim, I'll match your 103 degree heat to my projected 119 degrees today in Phoenix, Arizona.

  8. Gee Jim that is awful that your road work is accomplished during the day when it is so hot and dangerous. Here in San Diego, they usually do that kind of work during graveyard hours. Keeps morning commute open which makes it easier on people trying to get to work, it is safer for the road crews (less traffic to contend with), and it helps the road crews from heat exhaustion during the peak heat hours. It's a win win situation. Probably the only thing that is actually accomplished correctly around here!! You still see the road crews doing repairs on the residential streets during regular business hours, but the interstates, freeways and highways are mostly accomplished with graveyard crews.
    Sounds as though you are feeling better - glad to hear. Enjoy your day and have a great weekend.


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