Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Morning!

Good Morning Everybody!

Hope your weekend is off to a good start.  It's a hot start here in Granger, Texas!  Good Grief Gladys!

I went out this morning to run errands and here's what we have at 11:16 a,m,....

97 Degrees ALREADY!
Here are a few pictures of things around the hood on my trek out in the heat....
Froggage on the rocker on the front porch!  I think the little guy was trying to get to the bugs near the light!  Smart me thinks!
Hay Baling Time In The Country!
It's so pretty to see a ton of these rolled up in the fields.  How the sun catches these golden bales is amazing!
You may have heard me talk about the Weir Country Store before...It's our lifeblood out here.   The only store for several miles.  Known for two things...The highest price ever for gasoline and their amazing hamburgers! They have the most INCREDIBLE old fashioned hamburgers....Oh My Gosh!!  Where else can you get worms, propane, snack cakes, hamburgers, gas and bacon all in one place!
Always something going on across from the Country Store...A lady selling her goods....
A few posts back, I mentioned how they have been redoing the roads in this heat...Well,  they look pretty good!  Good Job Guys!
My first house!  (On the right with the big brick fence behind it) It was my pride and joy!  Especially the yard and the landscaping...There was a large open field behind it that looked out onto San Gabriel Park.  Gorgeous Views!  I was always worried that a gas station would be built behind the house.  It was truly one of the main reasons I moved to the country.  We would hear rumors and I was always unsettled about it and decided to put it on the market to find peace with country living.....well.....
You Got It!  Gas station and liquor store!  I must say it would have been nice to go through the back fence to grab some bacon if you ran out!
Georgetown's claim to fame...Inner Space Caverns!
My Happy Place...IKEA!
And the limestone quarry!  Austin White Lime Company in Round Rock, Texas...
Well, back from my errands before it reached 105 today Yahooo!  Gotta get back to the studio! 
Have an AWESOME weekend!
The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Have to tell a funny about the heat. My sister sent me a fountain for my birthday. She thought it was metal, however it is plastic. I set it out on the patio last night and plugged it in. This morning I went out and it was bubbling away. 30 minutes later I went out and it was leaning to the left and all the water was leaking out. The heat was starting to melt it! LOL. I guess that fountain will not be on the back patio for the summer!!

  2. BTW - I hope you are making something good today!! I am going to create after my shopping excursion also!

  3. Thanks for sharing the neighborhood with us, love the frog on the rocker adorable. Looks like a great place to live, but the heat I'm not sure about that. It gets in the 90's here sometimes and I wilt. Have a great weekend.
    Oh by the way I wanted to tell you I replanted my hyacinth beans into two larger pots with trellis's after I found out how large and fast they grow, I hope there is enough time before the frost to see them cover my trellis's. I'm excited, thanks for sharing. I posted pictures on facebook.

  4. With the exception of the home in Georgetown, I know exactly where these places are!

  5. Fun tour around the neighborhood! We just got back from running errands and thought I was going to melt. Supposed to be 104 today. Good day to stay inside and do some crafting!

  6. Creating some projects tomorrow! Hope you have put a dent into your CHA projects, can't wait to see them.
    Hugz, Z

  7. Fun to be able to tour your neighborhood in Texas as I sit very still in the 80 degree (incredibly muggy) heat in Seattle. Lol. You were psychic - I bet you're glad you listened to your gut and moved. I'd love some of those burgers for dinner - couldn't possibly cook in this heat. Don't know how you Texans do it in that heat.
    Good mojo for your CHA projects.

  8. I also enjoyed your pictures of the 'hood. Loved the he is...zap those bugs froggie! Yep...another scorcher and summer has just started. Thank God for air conditioning!!

  9. Hi Jim. last year around this time I was in Texas - around Austin, San Antonion, San Angelo Brady, Mason, and a little bitty town called Menard. These pictures brought back so many nostalgic memories of the wonderful time I had there. In fact I made a project/present based on that this last week for the lady who brought me there. While I was there I was totally fascinated with Hay baling as I had never seen it done before - that's another thing that I am going to have to make a project out of - paper project, not actual hay-baling, though the grass in my backyard is so long that I could actually grass bale that!!!

  10. Hey JIM thanks for taking me shopping with you. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Had fun going on my virtual walk drive with you today! I am always amazed when I read about country life, and gosh, I think I am missing out big time on my quality of life! Glad you got your home sold before the gas station and liquor store was built. Very good timing! I wish I had a general store like that, love that you can get all those things like gas AND and fab hamburger, all would be good in my world! Each Sat I watch the Pioneer Woman in OK, and ask the hub to move from NYC to OK, or TX (I have visited 3 times as I have a friend in Amarillo). Maybe someday! Thanks for the fun!

  12. My car showed 108 here in Katy, TX yesterday. GROSS!

  13. Thanks for the neighbourhood tour, great to see! I'm very happy that it is winter in Australia right now. I live in Perth and it gets extremely hot here for months on end as well, so I can entirely sympathise with you. Keep calm and keep the air-cons running :)

  14. I loved seeing pictures of your "hood". there is no place in the world like Texas and it was great to have a virtual tour. Made me homesick for my youth in small town, Arkansas!

  15. Really enjoyed my little trip to Texas, thanks Jim :-) Maddy x

  16. P.S. I know they say everything is bigger in the states, but goodness me those hay bales are HUGE!

  17. i enjoyed the trip jim

  18. Did I tell you I grew up near a limestone quarry? My hometown is called Rauchtown, PA and there is a quarry (P Stone) about 4 miles from where I grew up. Crazy, right? I laughed about the store that sells everything. I grew up next door to one of those...high priced gas and sold everything from live bait to milk. But not hamburgers....sadly. We had to walk a mile to get a cheesesteak hoagie....


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