Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hello Everybody!

OK!  Now I'm finally back with it!  Projects done, clothes packed, tickets and reservations printed....All Done!  Time TO START BLOGGING Again!

I'm off to CHA, the Craft and Hobby Association Event in Anaheim, CA!  Going to see what they have in store for us this year!  Can't wait to see! I know you can't either, so let the blog posts roll!  I will do my utmost best to try to give you daily updates of the things I see and what amazing things I find!  So keep checking back!  I will also be Facebooking pictures and content as I see them at CHA, so check there too!

It's going to be so AMAZING to see all my friends in one place!  If you are attending the show, PLEASE make sure you give me a hug!  LOVE me some hugs!  YAHOO!

I've got some really cool projects that I have created for the event that I will be revealing as the show opens on Saturday.   That's the rules and I've tried to be good at following them!  I was honored to be apart of this years Designer Challenge with Ranger.  It's a cool "time" sensitive project...So,  that's coming...then there are several projects for Graphic 45 that I have worked so hard on!  Each and everyone, I have poured hours into to make them special.   I hope you like them!  I so love all the new papers from G45!  Graphic 45 really hit these papers out of the ballpark!  Gorgeous!  Each one inspired me to make something that was suitable to the quality and beauty of these collections.

Just for fun, here's a sneak of  a project using Graphic 45's Botanical Tea.  If you have been following me on Facebook, you may have realized this particular project was a week in the making! I totally love this paper and project! The patterns and prints in this collection are surely worth purchasing!

So, I will see you in Anaheim!  Disney...Here I come!

Auf Wiedersehen!  Thanks for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. I can't wait to see what you've created, especially with the Botanical collection. I love, love, LOVE that paper collection! I also can't wait for your updates! Have fun!

  2. I love the new Botanical Tea paper line too! Hope you have so gosh-darn much fun your face hurts from smiling! Will be watching for updates!

  3. I'm am soooo looking forward to the big reveals and the seeing the entire collection of Botanical Tea papers. What I've seen so far is gorgeous! I know you will have an amazing time and we are very lucky that you allow us to tag along with you. Enjoy :)

  4. Enjoy your trip. I can't wait to see what you have made, I'm sure every project will be great. I can hardley stand it until Saturday!! ))))))HUGS(((((( Linda Storey

  5. I can't wait for the grand reveal!!! It's killing me being so close to you and yet haven't had more than the peeks you've shown on FB and your blog. I will be stalking you so keep the FB posts coming!!! Safe travels my friend!!!

  6. I love their new Botanical Tea line too and I can just imagine what it is you have made as the sneak peek looks delightful ~ can't wait to see it in whole!!! Have a safe trip and we will all be looking forward to your posts while at CHA!!!

  7. See you on Saturday! Cannot wait to see the G45 booth. But sad that I won't have any projects there this year. {cries softly} I am excited to see your items in person! I may touch...... {wink}

  8. So happy for you! Thanks for taking us all along with you too! I'm so looking forward to seeing all your amazing projects and what's new this year:)

  9. I don't need to tell you to have a wonderful time because you always do! Looking forward to the posts!

  10. I will be watching for all these wonderful things to come! Good Luck... Safe Travels... be sure to give my best Dyan Reaveley! I am soooo excited about her new product and can't wait to hear more about them!!! I will just HAVE to have them ALL!!! Also the Ranger Products are fabulous!!! I have a HUGE wishlist going already! Okay back to you... enjoy yourself! Hugs!!!


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