Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Icy Tuesday!

Good COLD Morning Everyone!

I'm watching the news this morning waiting to get out of the house.  Looks like the entire nation is in deep freeze mode!  Here in Central Texas, freezing rain, sleet and ice came right around drive time causing tons of accidents, backups and delays!  We just don't get things like this in our area very much.  When it does happen, it's best to just wait it out and delay getting out on the roads until it warms up a bit and the ice melts.  The news just sounds horrible! Car accident after car accident, school closings are coming in and changing from delayed to closed every minute.

Well...that's where I'm at!  Waiting for a bit to hit the roads and get to work.  Instead of picking up the house, I decided to blog.  Good decision right?  Wash clothes or lay in bed under warm quilts and type...hmmmm...

I've been having the best time working on some line drawings lately.  I think I will use them in my art journal then add some other media for a funky look.  I think they are coming out pretty cool.  I will show you some at a later date.  For now, I will share the scary things that come out of my head and into my art journal.  Ahhh, the art journal.  for me it's a place to release and play.  A place where I don't judge what I do, but let myself just experience.  Deep huh?  It's so good for me to just let go and play.  Mistakes are learning experiences and those experiences help make me even more creative.

With that in mind...Here's my Heart Head...LOL!

I guess I should get up and get started.  It will be an adventure to leave my safe, warm and cozy cocoon to head off to the day...

Have a safe and warm day today!  Thanks for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Drive Safe and Take Care!!! Love your Heart Head! I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs!!!

  2. Be safe!! Your heart guy looks like he's from Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz. He's cool!!
    TFS!! Linda Storey

  3. So glad to hear you're staying in for a while. Let the crazies and the sliders have the ice. I'm with you...wait for the melt before venturing out. Your heart head guy is just plain fun. Keep it up! The next thing you know you'll be designing stamps.

  4. stay warm, my daughter is spitting mad due to Pflugerville closing 15 minutes after school started, apparently the police department finally demanded it due to all of the accidents on the roads... oh, the joys of living in Texas... Making the most of it!

  5. I hope that you got to work safely. Your heart face is great!

  6. Oh Goodness Mr. Jim....stay safe! Here in Florida we finally have a 60* day! Yay! Its been so darn cold...many of us are staying in...tomorrow high of only 50* ;( We moved here for the warm weather! Ugh! Way too much cold for my acclimated bones!
    Totally enjoyed your line drawing....my son does a lot of these...doodling...he's working on his PHd....but doodles and they are magnificent! I save any he brings around! Come to find out....its an Art form called Zentangles! Cool! Save those doodles Jim!

  7. Oh boy, stay safe. Crazy weather out there. Heart guy is really cool. More please!

  8. Love your drawings! Can't wait to see the whole page done in the art journal. Wish I had been able to stay home today and craft as it was 10 below zero when I left for work this morning...yes, that's real temp....wind chill was actually 30 below! Those temps are unheard of in southern Ohio! This has been a bizarre winter.


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