Monday, January 20, 2014

Ranger Designer Challenge Clip

Good Evening Everybody!

Well, market is going good!  It's been probably the best market I have been to in a long while...Like I said in a previous post, new fresh merchandise everywhere!  I had talked to several showroom reps and they all said the same thing...Excellent Market for them.  Yahooo!

Things I see this time around....

There are fewer moustache goodies out there even though it's still in so many lines.  Seems to be about the geometric prints on everything.  Light and bright colors...However, tis the season for bringing the bright colors back out.  Lots of vintage, Shabby Chic and Paris Chic still everywhere.  Christmas this year...Looks to be like whites, pastel colors of green and pink, champagnes and silver with that added touch of black again.  Owls and burlap are still everywhere....tunics and leggings, tunics and leggings! Everyone has them! For goodness sakes...grab some for your wardrobe!  LOL! Shorter necklaces with stamped quotes seem to be the rage around here! Chargers and Bluetooth speakers all blinged out for your phone seems to be another trend....This is just a few of the things that come to mind immediately... 

We still have about a day and a half to go!  It's starting to take a bit a of a toll on us!  We are weary and ready to get back to our cozy homes and normal routines.  At least, I know I am!  It's always fun to come here and shop for the stores, but it's also sooooo nice to finally get home!  I miss my family and my studio.

Now for the title of this post...Ranger Designer Challenge Clip...Someone emailed me yesterday with a link to Noell Hyman's, PaperClipping You tube on the Ranger Challenge.  If you are interested in seeing the projects click the link below.  My project is toward the end so grap a cuppa and give it a gander....

Here's the link...

Ranger Designer Challenge 2014

Thanks Tons for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Love seeing all your market pictures on FB...thanks. I'm so glad someone did a video of the designer challenge. Love your project!

  2. Glad you are enjoying Market - I'm enjoying your photos and I've saved so much money by letting you do the shopping! The video really shows all the dimension and detail on your project well - it's spectacular!

  3. Wow......I love those BIG clock hands you used in your Ranger Distress piece! How the heck did ya do dies are Not that big! Also love the background dimension on your canvas....were they cut pieces glued to canvas then colored? Or, did you use a stencil and modeling paste to give the 3-d dimension on the background? Either way....Love your project! its the Best!

    1. Hi Roxanne…
      I used Dyan Reaveley's newish flower stencil and Wendy Vecchi embossing paste for the background.

      Hope that helps. .


  4. Love the peeks into your world with the pictures from the market, thank you.
    Your clock is amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, such an imagination. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your talents with me!
    TFS!! Linda Storey

  5. I am loving everything that you are sharing! I sure do miss Take Out Tuesday! I can't wait for you to get home, rest up, and come back to us! Your project for Ranger is fabulous!!! Hugs!!!

  6. I subscribe to Noell's PaperClipping..and saw your clock...It's amazing!!!! I also luv the clock hands, for the frame..did you make a template?? miss your maybe a youtube tutorial on how you made it?

  7. She did a great job on describing yours! It truly was fabulous Jim darling!

  8. Jim, I loved it! And I do subscribe to Noelle too so no way I was going to miss it either! I can't wait 'til you come to the DC area -- if you want to come early you and Cesar are welcome to stay with us and get some early sight seeing in, use our house as a base if you want to go down to Williamsburg or anything.

  9. Jim, I liked your entry the best, I love the clock arms surrounding your cuckoo clock and your background canvas is really amazing...thanks for sharing,

  10. Jim I love the dimensions on your canvas. My vote is for yours. Tammy Tutterrow for second. Just sayn

  11. Thanks for sharing the trend tips with us. Always interesting to know the direction style is taking. You are too kind, sir! Safe travel. Get home and get some rest!

  12. Oh, and I loooooved your cuckoo clock! Great colors and such fabulous dimension. Your whimsy never fails to delight!


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