Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Clean Up Sale!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend To You All!

If you haven't heard it by now... I have cleaned, organized and gone through each and every receptacle, bowl, niche, nook and crevice of my studio.  It's been a long time coming!  I kept threatening myself with this for months...who am I kiddin'...years... and it's finally done!  It feels so much better to have this HUGE burden off my shoulders and now to have a nice clean and organized space again!  Yahooo I say!

Here are some of the before and after shots....

Before...Looking a bit ratty....

After...Looking like I can finally find something or pull something out without starting an avalanche!

Anyway, I cleaned out so much paper and goodies that I decided to donate some and sale some!  So....This weekend I'm having a Labor Day Sale in my Etsy Shop.  All my tutorials will be 50% off and I have some cool mystery boxes packed and ready to go...The sale will last until Monday night and then go back to the original prices.  So grab some deals NOW!

Here's the details folks... Please note, when you go to my Etsy store, the price shown for the tutorials ARE THE MARKED DOWN PRICE.  I have already taken half off.  So the price you see is the price you pay plus the shipping...Remember the price goes back up on Monday night.

I also made up numerous Mystery Boxes. There are several kinds...Paper Mystery Boxes, where you will receive scrapbook paper pads.  These are the thick pads of lighter paper....Then we have Scrapbook Cardstock Pads, where you will receive pads of the thicker Scrapbook Cardstock.  You are receiving on both of these at least 9 to 10 pounds of  paper pads from various manufacturers.  Most of the pads are unused.  However, there are some that I have pulled several sheets out of a single pad.  You still will receive 9 to 10 pounds of mixed paper pads either way.  Last, I have some grab bag type mystery boxes that could contain cards, tools, inks, etc.  Please also note:  The Post Office will be closed on Monday, so the mystery boxes will be shipped Tuesday Morning Priority Mail.  Let's have some fun! Good Luck!

Here's a link to The Gentleman Crafter's Etsy Store.

Click HERE

Copy and paste the URL below in your browser's address bar:

Have an AWESOME LABOR DAY WEEKEND!  Relax and have fun crafting! 

Thanks Tons!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Your studio is looking great, Jim! I've been working on mine as well, and I appreciate that you've shared photos of yours. Very encouraging, and much like eye candy. Thanks so much!

  2. You have given me incentive to work on mine!!
    Thank You
    Big HUG!!

  3. Looks real nice Jim. I only wish I had a room like yours.

  4. Jim,

    Congrats on the clean studio, now I need to follow your lead and do mine! I just went to your Etsy and didn't see any boxes for sale, are they all gone already or did you not post them yet?


  5. I can't find the link to purchase the specials--I only get to your regular etsy stuff. I am interested and would like further details and prices. Thanks Elizabeth

  6. lovely space you have Jim. It's greatly organized.

  7. PHOOEY!....have to say I am a little disappointed....really wanted one of those mystery boxes but by the time the etsy store was changed to allow shipping to Canada, they were all sold out!...really hot item...drats! the luv the ship shape studio and can only dream that one day mine will look somewhat like yours....

  8. Your studio is sooo picture perfect now!!!! luv the colors you choose for your walls...I know you painted them so time ago but I can see them just teasing it feels like you can breathe in there now?? right??? Fabulous job!!! I luv it!!

  9. i like both the before and the after photos! Great space.


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