Monday, August 18, 2014

My Other Love: Punch Needle

Hello Everybody!

You know there are so many thing I love to do.  If it's using my hands to make something...I'M IN!  I absolutely love to try everything crafty...Some things I try...I hate. Some things I try... I fall in love with...

Before I started paper crafting, my biggest love of all was Punch Needle Embroidery...Yep, punch needle...t's like little mini rugs...Kinda!  There were many things that made me happy about it...It was fast, inexpensive, I could complete a project in a few hours and it's very tactile... Y'all I can honestly say that I have punched hundreds and hundreds of designs!  I was so into it...I have a great pal of mine to thank for this...Nancy Knight.  Nancy gave me a kit for Christmas... what eight years ago?  I looked at it for months thinking...Whenever I get time I'll try it.  The moment I sat down with it, I was sooo hooked. 

When paper crafting became my passion, I laid this amazing craft aside.  It wasn't until a few months ago in search of something to do while just sitting and  relaxing (I have to be doing something all the time!) I picked up this once again!  It really helps me just turn off at the end of the day...

So, tonight I thought I would share a couple pictures of some past projects and the tools that make it happen...

The Four Seasons In Hearts



The Tools

If you never tried this amazing craft and need to add something to your repertoire...Give it a try!  It's like I said, easy and oh so calming!!
Remember tomorrow is Take Out Tuesday!  We will finish up the Falling Photo Box Project...Come join us for fun and a good chat!
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The Gentleman Crafter


  1. I tried needle punch many, many years ago and just never got the hang of it. Maybe you can get me started. See ya tomorrow on "the stream".

  2. i recently gone back to my latch hooking, but would LOVE to learn how to do punch needle embroidery! I may have to investigate further...thanks for the idea! Beautiful creations you made!

  3. Nice! I have never heard of this before. Love your creations.

  4. Thanks Jim..I'm off to look at some You Tube tutorials.I was given a Punch Needle book a few years back, but it's just been gathering dust on my shelf..

  5. "sooooo hooked," huh? was that a pun? My goodness, is there no end to your creativity? Those are gorgeous! I find needle felting is a "hook" for me! Especially after I made the cutest little hedgehog!

  6. I have made many journal covers with this. It is fast and relaxing!

  7. Hello from London, Jim! I stumbled across your blog and am thoroughly impressed and inspired by your work!


  8. Very nice. I have done one needle punch project as a model when my Mom started carrying the supplies in her needle craft store. I always wanted to try my hand at it again, but have never gotten around to it.


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