Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Step Out For Secret Slider Gift Card!

Good Morning Everyone!

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Thanks for coming by Take Out Tuesday last night!  It was fun and it sure helped me get some of my card making done!  As promised, I wanted to give you the measurements and all the details on the Secret Slider Gift Card.  Please watch the recorded video on my Ustream channel if you need more help...

So here we go...

From Chipboard Cut the Following:
(3) 5 x 7-inches Front/Back and Middle Card
(2) 1-3/8 x 7 Left/Right Interior Sides
(1) 2 x 2-1/8 Slider
(1) 1⁄4 x 2-1/4 Bottom Stop

Adhere the (2) 1-3/8 x 7-inch Left/Right Interior Sides pieces to one of the 5 x 7 Card pieces with Scor- tape or glue. Do this flush to each left and right side.

Adhere the (1) 1⁄4 x 2-1/4 Bottom Stop piece to the bottom open edge between the two side pieces.

Jumping ahead of all the matting, we need to cover this piece first...Cut a piece of patterned paper to 4-7/8 x 6-7/8-inch. Apply adhesive to the backside of the patterned paper and adhere to one of the 5 x 7 chipboard pieces.

Mark this 5 x 7 card piece down 1-inch from the top and centered at 2-1/2-inches. Repeat for bottom side.

Punch a 1/8-inch hole on each mark. Line the marks up with a ruler and mark again from the left side of the top hole down to the left of the bottom hole. Repeat this for right side.

With a steel ruler and a craft knife cut on the marked lines...Do this for both sides of the punched hole.

Punch a 1/8-inch hole centered 3⁄4 inch down from the top of the 2 x 2-1/8-inch Slider piece.

Cut a piece of LIGHT WEIGHT or thin ribbon to 4-inches. Double the ribbon over and place both ends through the hole on the Slider piece. Flatten the ribbon down on the backside well.

For the interior gift card holder...Cut a piece of cardstock to 2-1/8 x 3-inches and set aside for the moment.

Apply glue to the backside of the Slider piece and adhere the cardstock piece to the backside covering the ribbon ends.

Place the ribbon through the Middle Card piece and set aside.

Apply Scor-Tape or similar to the left and right edge of the (2) Left/Right Interior Side pieces. Apply Scor-Tape or glue from the bottom left across the Bottom Stop piece to the right edge.

Pull the tape backing and gently adhere the Middle Card piece down and flush with all edges of the lower card. Note: Ensure the Slider piece is in the open track when gluing.

Cut a piece of cardstock to 1-1/4 x 7-inches. Score the strip at 1⁄2-inch and again at 3⁄4-inch. Apply Scor- Tape or similar to the left and right of the score lines leaving the center 1⁄4-inch untapped. Fold the strip on the score lines to prepare it for the spine of the card.

Remove the tape backing from one side and adhere to the backside of the card. Last, remove the tape backing from the remaining side and adhere to front of card.

Card is built! Yahooo! Now to mat the card.... Cut the following from patterned paper:
(3) 4-7/8 x 6-7/8-inches.  Distress all patterned paper edges with ink.

Last, pull the ribbon tab up all the way revealing the cardstock from the Slider piece. Apply a piece of Scor-Tape to the cardstock. Pull the tape backing and adhere the gift card. Pull the slider back down and you have made The Secret Slider Gift Card.!   Yahoooo! 

Hope you give it a try!  Have an awesome day!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. A Cool idea! You did a fine card holder heare!
    have a great HOLIDAY!

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial on this gorgeous card. What line of paper was that? It's very pretty.

  3. Came in late on your show last night. Love it!
    Hugz, Z

  4. What a cool card--and a great idea! Filing this one away for future use! Wish I could get to the broadcasts--but the day/time are usually not possible for me!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this Jim. I made 2 of these and your instructions were spot on. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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