Friday, November 18, 2016

Kits, Kits and More Kits!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I know with the holidays upon us we are all trying to get things done in preparation.  Time to pull out the lists and begin the decorations and planning.   I have been busy creating some fun things to hopefully help make your holidays' a festive place this year!

I have four new kits...YAHOOO!  But first let me explain the next three..

Last year I sold a kit that I called The Luminary House.  It was a small Putz house that was easy to do and affordable.  It sold like HOTCAKES!!! Thank you everyone for that!...Here's a picture:

Since the house pictured above was such a big hit, I designed three more for this year...two houses and a much-requested church.  These houses are small and don't take much to put together.  The kit's pieces all come in Kraft 2X heavy chipboard...just paint or cover with patterned paper, add some small pine trees and of course some glitter...Last, add a battery operated tea light and let the magic begin.These kits are fun to put together and will look amazing in your house for the holidays...Or make a couple and give them as a present. 

Here are this year's Putz House Kits...

St. Luke's Church Kit

To purchase this kit follow the link to my shop HERE!

or Here:

The Tower House Kit

To purchase this kit follow the link to my shop HERE!

or here:

The Tallinn House Kit

Please note the blacked out window above is actually a cut out window in your kit.

To purchase this kit follow the link to my shop HERE!

or here:

The Putz House Trio of Kits

For those dedicated folks who want to make all three and save a few dollars...

To purchase The Trio follow the link HERE!

or here: last project, which I truly love, is the Vintage Truck!!

A fun vintage truck that can hold all kinds of things in the bed. It is perfectly scaled to the Skippy Trailer I made, so hitch it up and go on an adventure.  Great for any vintage car enthusiast as well!

The Vintage Truck Kit

You can purchase the kit to make the Vintage Truck Here!

or here:

Well, here's to the start of getting the Holiday kits up and out...More to come soon!

Have an awesome Weekend Friends!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Beautifully done projects that I've come to expect from you. Nice!

    Crafty Journal

  2. I'm so sad! I just missed out on these! Sure hope more become available. Everything you've done is absolutely amaxing Jim!

  3. All sold out before I even get to see the post! Bummer! They look so cool!


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