Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Gentleman Crafter After Christmas Sale and News...

Good Evening Everyone and Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had an amazing day today with friends, family or self.  This was a bit of a mixed up Christmas for me as I had Triton my puppy this year and I wanted to stay at home and take care of him.  So, I did miss my family but was able to see and spend time with my precious mother...Again, I  hope you are having a joyous holiday!

Just wanted to share a few things that are happening...

Sale Starts at Midnight (CST) tonight the 26th of December!!!  

First of course, I want to announce that I am having a sale in my personal website store The Gentleman Crafter Store (follow the highlighted link).  This sale will only be in my personal store only and not in my Etsy store.  Anything purchased from Etsy will not be on sale and will not be refunded...So please follow the links below.

All tutorials are marked down by 40%.  So that means when you go to my shop, the price shown is the price you will pay.  It is already marked down to the 40 percent sale price.  Also, I have a few collections of 12 x 12 Graphic 45 paper pads.  They are marked down 50%.  These pads are brand new.  I simply either over ordered and actually, I changed my mind using a couple of these collections for classes and then had them on hand.  Hahaha!  So grab some deals now!

I have also added some MUCH REQUESTED kits to the store.  Please note...I say this all the time and I'm truly not trying to sell you anything you don't want or need.  But there are limited quantities of these kits.  I have brought back all the Putz Houses, The Skippy Trailer, The Vintage Truck and the Woody Station Wagon.  All of the projects come with an instant download tutorial or instruction sheet.  The automobiles and the trailer also come with the .SVG file so that you can cut your own paper if you decide not to paint or ink the project.  Please note these do not come with precut paper, just the precut chipboard pieces, any embellishments listed and glue.

Here is a link to the Shop:

Here is a link to Tutorials:

Here is a link to Kits:

News...This coming year I am changing a few things...

I am going to cut down on the amount of travel teaching I will do.  I will be in some stores this coming year but will try and cut it literally in half.  As much as I love meeting you all and having that personal time teaching you, I'm afraid it's just become too stressful for me.  On a happier note, this coming year, I will be streaming and doing online workshops with the upcoming projects....So stay tuned.

My calendar...I still need to contact the stores I will be visiting and will update my calendar when I get more information.  So please check out the calendar tab at the top of this page for future store visits.

Speaking of upcoming projects for 2017...Man, I've got them...I am so excited to share them with you as the months unfold.  I feel that not teaching at as many stores as I did this year, I will be able to offer you several monthly projects and will be able to offer more of that project.  So I am really looking forward to that!

As the luminary houses were such a hit this year, I will offer as one of my projects a new building every month.  Sometimes they will be houses, sometimes they will be shops, lodges, or even castles!  Some will be time appropriate to the season and I will offer those a month in advance.  This is not a kit club.  If you like what you see, buy it and add it to your village.

In this new year, I will be spreading my wings a bit and using more of a variety of paper companies on my projects.  I LOVE ME SOME GRAPHIC 45, but I'm excited about using other great lines as well.

Upcoming 2017,  I will be adding a shipping option for international orders.  I am sorry I have not done this after so many requests, it seemed to me to be too expensive for you.  However, we are looking at the best possible postage option and will add that to the checkout option this coming year.

I have been asked by so many of you to be notified when I release a new project.  I have done this mainly through my website and Facebook, but couldn't figure out a way to email you separately as something came out that you requested.  Cesar is helping me with a program that will notify you of any news or new projects that will be coming out when they come out.   The sign up for this program will be attached to Facebook and my website so look for that to happen in January.

As I mentioned Facebook above, we are in the process of opening a new Facebook Page just for The Gentleman Crafter and the Gentleman Crafter followers to share news and projects with each other.  Please note we are still working on this...I say we...Cesar is still working on this, but if you want, I would be delighted for you to go on over and LIKE and follow the page so that you will get notifications of things that are happening...

Here's the link:

Well, I think that's it...We had a great sit down meeting with friends and family discussing new ideas for the upcoming year obviously (LOL) and this is my list of goals to achieve and a promise that new projects aplenty are coming your way in the upcoming months....Yahoooo!

Thanks so much for allowing me your time to read through this lengthy post!  Have an awesome Holiday and a very happy healthy New Year!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Wishing you a happy and HEALTHY 2017. Look forward to your new works!

  2. Jim, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to seeing your new projects and classes. Congratulations on putting yourself first. Finding that balance can be a challenge but self care is so important. Love and hugs my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Sharona! I so appreciate the well wishes! I hope you have an awesome New Year! I so miss seeing you! I did get to see my Lady Bug though! Now I need to see you!..Happy Happy Christmas and a happy Healthy New Year to you!

  3. I am so happy to hear that you are working on improving your balance of living life and work! I am thrilled for you and Cesar! What a wonderful start to a New Year and am looking forward to your new projects and online tutorials, my friend❤️ Much love and hugs💋


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