Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cards Card Cards! Project: I Care!

Good Evening Everyone!

Tonight, before I call it a day, I wanted to share some of the Project: I Care Cards that have been coming to the farm for me to take to the Seton Breast Care Center.  I had held off opening the cards as I needed to get a tutorial done and as a reward, when I finished, I would open the cards and look at them one by one.  Truly a real treat.  Well, tonight was the night! OH MY GOSH!!! GORGEOUS CARDS! Hundreds of them!

I rarely get weepy...But my friends, I got WEEPY!  Sorry, not embarrassed to say it.  I was sooo totally moved and blown away by the total love that went behind making each and every card, the personal notes that were sent to me, the time it must have taken to make the cards and the time it must have taken to post them.  I'm touched, moved, blessed...There are no words to describe how totally honored I am to have friends such as you.  You have given so freely!  Please know that your gifts of love will bless someone along the way at the Breast Care Center.  From My Heart...Thank you:

Elaine Mc. of New York
Brenda W. of  New Jersey
Teri S. of  Medina, OH
Zandra C. of New Jersey
Marcie L. of Sante Fe, NM
Gwen C. of Westfield, IN
Scrabadabadoo.com of Marysville, WA
Shari VP of Bay City, MI
Kay P. of Burnet, Texas
Barbara A. of Georgetown, Texas
June-Marie B. of Chestermere, AB
Kim S. of Cedar Park, Texas

I know there are many others who have contributed to Project: I Care which were received by Kathryn in VA and I SOO Thank you as well!  I can't wait to see them and share them.

Have an Awesome Tomorrow!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. WOW! Such outpouring of love. And YOU started it, my friend!

  2. Awesome!! And yesterday I made two dozen more!!! They'll be on the way shortly!!!!! Hugs, teri

  3. So wonderful! The recipients will be thrilled! This is a great thing you are doing Jim. Everyone who is contributing to I Care is making a difference . Thanks.

  4. The cards are beautiful! The people making them are beautiful!! You are beautiful...well handsome...to have started this awesome project!!! Thanks for sharing some of the cards...more inspiration for all off us!!

  5. The cards are beautiful! Still working on mine, but should be mailing soon. This is such a great project Jim, thanks for inviting me to join. Take care & God bless.
    Linda ;0)

  6. That's great! Such a wonderful outpouring from you friends and followers! I am sure,they will be enjoyed.

  7. Isn't it amazing how different each and every one of them is. All very beautiful. You have some very wonderful friends and collegues Jim.

  8. Ditto what TexasBarb said so well! This would not have happened if not for you in the first place - so well done! I plan to make some more cards for you at the weekend.


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