Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let See...What's happening!

Good Evening All!

The farm is humming tonight with a whirl of activity.  Yep, par for the course, I don't know if I'm actually getting a lot done or just bits and pieces of a lot of things...For one, I'm finishing up a project I did for my niece tonight.  I think it's coming out pretty cool.  I will post it tomorrow, but here's a sneak peek...

I'm almost packed...well, my tools and supplies are packed for Dina Wakley's classes this weekend at The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie!  Can't wait to use her new inks, stencils and stamps to create cool art journal pages!  Yahooo!  I will Facebook pictures of all the goodness as it happen this weekend.  Classes start at 6 p.m. tomorrow, so kolache fest time at the bakery in West at 2:00!  Always a highlight to traveling up North!

OK, let's see, bills need to be paid like pronto...If I can find them...There in a stack somewhere...I saw them the other day...:) I've picked up my studio...Kinda...went by and purchased some shorts I could actually fit into and finally found one pair that the darned top button wont come off...I've about decided that it's not my waist growing larger, it's the quality of the thread they use to attach the button!....RIGHT!!!...Kinda?...Maybe?...Still have kitting to do tonight to finish up for classes I'm teaching at Craft Crossing in Gonzales, Texas next Saturday...It's gonna be fun!  I even bought a huge bag of Peanut M&M's to bring with me! I'm getting ready for a house guest that will be coming next looking forward to that...But you know that means, dusting and digging out the underwear  and socks that so cleverly found their way under the bed!  Blast!  Forgot to go by Linens and Things for some red sheets!  OK, it's on the list...

Loving Graphic 45's new paper releases!  Have you seen them??? Can't wait to get my hands on them and start creating!  Yahooo!

Oh, the UPS man just pulled up with the rest of my parts for kits....Let me go grab the boxes...Be Right Back...

Yep, the last of the goodies have come to finish the kits off, but I also received a very sweet surprise box from my precious MOM!  It's a plaque in honor of my Mamie...Thanks Mom!  It's awesome!

Well...Gotta Run Y'all...If you get a chance, come back tomorrow to get a gander of  my new project...

Thanks Tons!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. What a great plaque. Your Mom is awesome.

  2. Have a great weekend Jim. Wish I was going, but you know, got to do the wiener dog race tradition! I look forward to the pictures and to see what you create. Please keep tight hold of your kolaches on this trip! Thanks so much Mama Nell. Your plaque is a beautiful memory of Mamie.

  3. Yikes... you have alot going on... I hope you get all of it done before you need to leave! I can't wait to find out who your house guest is!!! LOL! Hugs and hope you have a safe trip!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Great memorial. Your Mom is wonderful.

  5. The project for your niece is looking awesome . . . can't wait to see the rest of it! You are certainly going to have a busy couple of weeks and as Peanut0601 says, hold on to your kolaches whatever happens! If you are need to buy red sheets, I think I may be able to guess who your house guest might be, time will tell. Have a fantastic time at Dina Wakley's classes and looking forward to seeing your creations! Such a lovely plaque from your mum.

  6. I've got my supplies all packed up, too. Can't wait to see Dina this weekend!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the project for your niece. And last but not least...What a wonderful gift from Mama Nell!! So thoughtful!! See you tomorrow!!!

  7. That mom of yours is a keeper for sure! Give Sweet Dina a hug from me. I've missed her classes the last TWO times she's been at the Doodle! She'll quit talking to me! I *think* I know who your house guest will be!!

  8. I like the bird on your latest project! You sound incredibly busy - but all in a good way! I think I can guess who your house guest will be - and if I'm right you'll have a blast! Your Mom is a sweetheart too:)

    I have just ordered the laser cut pieces for my lighthouse from your Etsy shop and can't wait to get started on it. Please can you give us a couple of weeks notice when you're planning to do a ustream on the lighthouse as I still need to order the papers and want to have everything to hand when you do the show, so that I can join in? Have an amazing time at Dina's class (I love her scribbly birds stamps).

  9. What a fabulous MOM!!!! luv the plaque


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