Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Bit Under The Weather...But Dallas Bound!!

Good Evening All!

Well, so far its been a week!  I'm just bushed!  Like, don't sit in a chair for five minutes because I will fall asleep...bushed!  Snoring even!!! (The paint is still on the ceiling so it must be soft purrs not snores!)  I have been trying to meet several deadlines...and I think I've made them all!  Now, I'm off for Dallas in the morning to buy for the stores at market.  A week long adventure of trying to make the best decisions of what will sell at each location and what will be a dog and have the manager's biting my tail feathers off for purchasing!  Yep, it's always an adventure and a challenge that I always find exciting.

I hate to talk about being under the weather, but folks, I have been under the weather for a week now and it seems that I grow weaker everyday!  Yes, all because of that stupid tooth of mine!  Number 31 to be exact!  The very 31 that they can't get to until next week!  The antibiotics the Doc prescribed have really thrown me for a loop!  I finally called the Doc yesterday and said...NO MORE!  He said OK!  LOL!  I was hoping to be back on my feet today by stopping the antibiotics yesterday, but NO!!  I'm a get up and go kind a person....Let's get 'er done kinda man...tired or not...the job is done....but the lack of energy lately is totally alarming!  For example, I'm still trying to pack my suitcase and I honestly don't care if everything is in there!  Deodorant...Pfffssss...Razor...I will grow a beard....Undies....Commando...Sorry Mom!  I just want to sit down and rest!  So hence, I'm blogging and complaining...More like whining!  I hate whiners!  Well, I don't really hate them, but have no love or compassion for them...Is that hate?

Sadly, I'm sorry that this blog post is turning out to be so negative.  I  abhor negative anything...however, I am prone to it just as every human being is...but, I always TRY to find the bright side, because it's so not worth the energy given to dwelling in the negative!!!.  But Baby Love...It's been hard!  LOL!  I never knew I had a Sciatica nerve...Yep, it's all bunched up sending waves of pain from my right tail feather down the back of my leg when I walk!  Come On!  Really! What Else! However... It could be so much worse and I am grateful for good health!  This to shall pass!  AND....Just maybe it's making my non-existent buttocks (Thanks Dad!) firm and lifted from the spasms!  Bahahaha!

I guess I should get going...I've picked up the studio, washed clothes, cleaned out my satchel and now blogged...So throw a few more shirts in and I'm ready!  See you all from Dallas...I will FB, Instagram and Blog when I can to show you what's HOT and What's NOT!


The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Geez and I was just going to call you. Glad I didn't. Call me when you get back and I will tell you what I did for my sciatica. It is truly a pain in the a$$! Hope you have a wonderful trip to Dallas.

  2. Oh, dear.... hope you feel better soon Chicklet... sounds like you're having a rough time of it. Stay your positive self - love you! xxx

  3. So sorry that you're feeling so unwell. Keep your chin up and perhaps the delights of Dallas will take your mind off it!

  4. Well for someone whose get and go got up and went, You have gotten a lot accomplished. Have a good trip and hope you are your old chipper self soon. (And everyone is entitled to be negative now and again.) Safe trip.

  5. You are one humorous guy! I'm sorry that you're under the weather ... hope you feel better real soon!

  6. Ahhh, keep your chin up. You will be feeling like yourself in no time. Looking forward to what you find at market. Have a good trip.

  7. It is ok to drive the whambulance at full speed ahead every once in a while. Take care.

  8. Well I don't know about you but it seems to me like you just got back from market! Ya' think that could be part of the are certainly a go getter and maybe your body is rebelling. You can have a pity party - you've earned one.

  9. WAIT A MINUTE!!! In this day of runaway infections with names we never heard of, you might better stay on those antibiotics... especially with an infection so close to the brain... it can be deadly. So can keeping up a staggering pace when your body needs its energy to keep you well. Get with it, Jim; take care of yourself.

  10. Honey Bear,

    Be well...really soon.

    Happy thoughts,

  11. Remember it isn't a sin to take care of yourself! Rest may be a 4 letter word but it's a life saver! :)


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