Friday, June 13, 2014

New Tutorial Up! Three Crazy Cards...Done!

Happy Day To You!

I've been having a blast making cards lately for Graduations, Weddings and Thank Yous...You name it!  In fact, I've had so much fun that I decided to write a tutorial on how to make three different cards in one tutorial and then teach how to make these CRAZY cards in Chicago last week.  They were a hit!  So, I decided to offer the tutorial in my Etsy shop. 

Three Crazy Cards are of course not your usual 5 x 7 cards!  I had to make them out of what?  My favorite...chipboard!  Of course they could made out of cardstock...but if you have chipboard laying around...Awesome!  I added flips and flaps, skewers and even a tabbed paneled door gift card holder.  They are fast and fun to make and a gift all by themselves.  I hope you give them a try....

Here's a link to the tutorial in my Etsy Shop:

Click HERE

or, here:

Here's a look at the trio of Crazy Cards....



Have an Awesome Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter


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