Thursday, June 5, 2014

Father's Day Pocket Knife Mini Tutorial Done!

Good Evening!

I'm waiting for some clothes to dry and I can actually say I am packed for Chicago and teaching at Creative Cards and Crafts!  Who knew I could have it all done early!  Must be something wrong there!  Better check my list again!

As promised, here's a quick tutorial on the Father's Day Pocket Knife Mini....

Supplies and Comments on Supplies:

  • (2) sheets of 12 x 12 Black (If you don't have black, use black craft paint on the outside/Inside of the knife.) Med. to Heavy weight chipboard.
  • Aluminum Foil Tape or Silver Craft Paint.
  • (2) 1-1/2-inch Metal Scrapbook Extensions Posts
  • Graphic 45 Good Ol' Sport Paper Collection.  (I used a 6 x 6 Graphic 45 Good Ol' Sport paper pack.  You can use any size and just cut it to the measurements below.)
  • Tim Holtz/Sizzix Petal Drop Die (If you  don't have this die, just make sure you round off the ends of your chipboard pieces and form them into a tear shape with scissors.)
  • Tim Holtz/Sizzix Alterations Movers and Shapers- Sized Circles (Use the 2-inch Circle.  Once again, if you don't have this die, cut a 2-inch circle template.)
  • 1-inch Circle Punch
  • Emery board or Sanding block
  • Scissors
  • Glue, Scor-Tape or similar 
  • Crop-a-Dile 3/16 hole punch
OK, Let's get started.

Exterior of the Knife-

First, cut (4) 2 x 7-1/4 pieces from Chipboard.

Glue or tape two of the pieces together forming one piece.  Repeat for other two. This will make it stronger.

Cut/punch a 2-inch circle and fold in half.  Place the circle at the end of the 2 x 7-1/4-inch piece and trace around the round end of the circle.  Repeat this for other end and second piece.

Use some scissors to cut on the marked lines.

Smooth the round ends with an Emory Board or Sanding Block.

Apply 1-1/2 -inches of aluminum foil tape to each end of the knife and cut away excess.  Repeat with remaining piece.

From the paper collection, cut (2) 2 x 5 pieces.  Ink the edges and adhere (Around 1-1/8-inches in from either end.) to middle of knife on both pieces. Sorry forgot to take a picture of this step...

Punch a 1-inch circle and fold in half.  Use this as a template to trace a half-circle onto the top edge of the knife. on the back, uncovered sides.  Do this at 3-3/4-inches over from the left side.  Repeat for back of knife.

Cut the half-circle out from each piece with scissors or knife.  Smooth cuts with Emory board if needed and ink edges.

Punch a 3/16-inch hole at 1-inch in from each end of the knife.

Insert the metal scrapbook extension posts  into the front side of the knife on each end.  It's a tight squeeze but it fits.

The Pages-

Cut (4) 6 x 6 squares from chipboard.  Cover both sides of the 6 x 6 pieces with patterned paper.

From chipboard, cut (12) Petal Drops (that's 4 times with the die as there are 3 petals on the die)  and (14) 2-inch Circles.  Punch 3/16-inch holes centered at 1-inch in from the edge on all 2-inch circles.  Punch 3/16-inch holes in all the Petal Drops centered at 1-inch in from the round edge.  Ink Edges.

Now cut (12) pieces of patterned paper to 2 x 4-inches.  Ink edges.  Apply Scor-Tape or glue to the "V" of the drop.  Lay the Petal Drops where the long edge is up against you with the tip to the left and the round end to the right.  Adhere the 2 x 4 paper piece from the tip to the round side along the straight edge. 


Assembling the Knife-

Lay the knife front flat on the table with the extension post coming out toward you.  Place a 2-inch circle on each of the posts.  Now, place one of the Petal Pages on the left post.  Next, place a page on the right post.  Place another set of 2-inch circles on each post then add a page to the left and another to the right.  Do this for the remaining pages and circles.

Last, place the ends of the scrapbook extension post screws through the knife back piece.  Lower the back piece down onto the knife assemblage and screw the knife front onto the scrapbook extension posts and tighten....

Embellish pages with photos, quotes and well wishes for DAD! 

DONE!  Hope you like!

Well Gotta go pack clothes...See ya from Chicagoland...

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Jimbo! This is so freakin cool! You rock my friend. Thanks for the tutorial. Have a fabulous time in Chicago. Hugs!

  2. Thanks so much... I Love this.. Have a great trip!!

  3. Perfect!, Simple yet so functional

  4. Brilliant ! Thank you so much for the tutorial xx

  5. Ty for the tutorial Jim. You are so kind to share this.

  6. Sure can't wait to give this whirl! Thanks! hugs, Patty

  7. this is great! many thanks for the tutorial,jim!

  8. that is amazing, so realistic, a great make

  9. Great Album gentleman Jim, your such a great scrapper!

  10. This is a perfect Fathers Day gift for my husband who collects knives! Thanks so much for the tute!

  11. Oh Jim - you are so clever! I love this!

  12. Great idea for a mini journal and a lovely gift.
    Happy crafting, Angela x


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