Monday, February 2, 2015

Bagging It Up: Renovations are coming!

Good Morning Everyone!

Thank you all for your amazing support in buying the Springtime Lantern Kits and tutorials and the Dylusional Paint and Applicator kits!  You guys ROCK!!!  I just dropped everything off in the mail!  Yahooooo!  It was a big task packing up, but it's done, I am thankful and I am on to the next big adventure....What is it you say?  Tearing out a wall in my studio.  A little remodel if you will.  This entails moving ALLL the stuff that is on a huge shelving unit in the studio.  I was having coffee earlier contemplating where and how I should store it all while I do the work...Fast Reno...Please God let it be fast!  What three days to pack up everything?  Good Gravy!  I will keep you posted!

I tell ya what's going to make it easier....I was at Craft Crossing last week and I was admiring a tote made from a dog food bag...You know the plastic kind that won't tear and are virtually indestructible? Those!  This sweet lady said she makes them and would like to give the bag to me!  Well HELLOOOOOOO!  I of course said yes!  This sweet lady's name is Carol Martin and she makes these amazingly STRONG bags out of different Feed Bags!  What a great way to upcycle what would normally go into our landfills!  I'm in!  And I'm sold!  I have used this bag to tote things from home to the post office, cart kits to and from classes, even move plants that I purchased from the nursery to the greenhouse! By the way, it cleaned up beautifully and allowed the carpet in my car to stay free of dirt.

So, I plan to use this handy bag to help tote load after load of craft goodness to and fro during the reno...Thank You So Much Carol!

Well, that said, I guess I will add another thing to my To Do list and get to toting all the things I some how seem to amass so very quickly!  I better get going!  Lots to do before I start!

Have an amazing day!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. So Dyan is loosing part of her room after all! Hope the renovations go well. I need a bigger craft room too, or at least a huge tidy up as I can't actually get in there any more for stuff everywhere!

  2. Cute bag! Good luck on the remodel and wish that everything goes extra smooth for you! Post some pics of the process.... because I know you just have oodles of extra time.... haha. So very excited you are coming to NC in September!!! I've already put my name on the attendee list with Betty! :)

  3. cute bag, great idea! happy moving of scrapcrap! hope all goes well!

  4. Sounds like a big job, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the long run. Love the bag, great idea!

  5. Very cool! and very sweet of her! :D

  6. Good luck with getting the reno done quickly!!! I certainly hope it's not like those I see on HGTV where one problem leads to another and another...KWIM? And...LOVE the dog food bag tote...very clever!!

  7. Good luck with the reno, hope all goes smoothly. Look forward to seeing the progress photos. Great use of the dog food bags . . . happy toting! :)

  8. Hope all goes smoothly and quickly! Looking forward to seeing your expanded room. What a fun and useful bag. Way to up cycle Carol Martin.


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