Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Evening Everybody!

Thank you so much for coming over to the Ustream show tonight!  Mucho appreciated!  Thanks Again! 

Well, to be honest, I still haven't made my reservations for Vegas Baby!  I hate the fact that I have to get on a plane!  It causes me to procrastinate until the last minute!  I wish I loved flying better!  After the engine caught fire on my last adventure in May, I think it put me right back in the starting place!  Bu,t I will Man Up and just DO IT!  LOL!

I have been busy with one last project before CHA...I'm in love with it so far.  It's one of those that you can't wait to get back to....wanna peek?

Doesn't look like much but it will!  I hope so at least!  LOL!  I leave it to you to figure out what in tarnation I'm making!

Like I said tonight on my Ustream show, I can't wait to get back to my studio and to share with you all some new projects when I get back.  This secret stuff is killing me!  It's time! It's time!

Thank you again for coming by and have an awesome tomorrow!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Is it a kalidiscope? And the thingies sticking out are for knobs?

    1. forgot to say....SAFE TRAVELS!!! You're gonna pay the big $$ to book so late...but...just do it!

  2. Looks clock like to me. Can't wait until you can get back and just do Jim time. It has been a really long time... like all year!! Have a great trip.

  3. Or the old viewmaster toy I had as a kid!

  4. Hmmm, could be a clock. Maybe some kind of mechanical marvel. Looks like lots of gears and such. Yes, you are going to pay the big bucks but it will be ok. You can do it!

  5. I want to see the house that was behind you during the start of the ustream, looked amazing, I enjoyed the feed last night I was with you right up until you joined the 2 pages together, I must of done something wrong as it wouldn't close up, so i had to sit an try an fix it whilst you matted yours with that awesome paper, but i think I have sorted it, maybe not the right way but it now shuts :) Thanks for sharing your talents with us Jim, hugs from Mandz in the UK xx

  6. Safe Travels Jim. Can't wait till you're back and sharing all the new goodies from CHA.

  7. hmm.... maybe it's a clock!
    I don't like to fly either.... aren't you close enough to drive to Vegas?
    Can't wait to see all your CHA samples!

  8. Jim, I have one little tidbit for your flying problem...Vallum. lol At least you won't be so nervous during the flight. If you really can't fly, try the train. I love traveling by rail. It takes quite a while yest. but you can relax in your seat and sleep, or you can go to the dining car and get something to eat. Or the lounge car and just sit and read or meet new folks I've even spent time cross stitching. I've never been able to afford a sleeper car, so I have no first hand knowledge. But I just love watching the scenery go by. Oh I forgot, I did say one little tidbit didn't I...well...ok I lied! ;-).
    See ya when you get home. Looking forward to all your creations.
    Hugs, Jess

  9. Loving the new background.
    Want to know something funny? Your blog and that of Tim Holtz always come up together on my list!
    I have lots of emails, but it never fails your two come right one after the other!
    ...and yours is always a day later than you post!
    someone in internet land is holding ours until Tim is ready!
    Love Julie

  10. I'm thinking a cross between a Grandfather clock and a Cuckoo clock! The bar through the base has me intrigued. Looking forward to seeing all your projects :)

  11. Sleeper cars are small but we travel that way and it's just the two of us. It's roomy till bed time and the beds come down, they are roomy and comfortable, they do have family sleepers more expense they have a shower in it, but We just go down stairs to the showers. And if you have the sleeper car meals are included and even on the weekends they have wine and cheese tasting that's also included. Train is the way to go. and the sites are great to watch.
    As for this project hope it's a tutorial project I see what looks like gears it's sort of wide just wondering if it has marbles that you put in the gear wheels and turn. Looks like something I had as a child.


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