Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CHA - Create and Connect - Las Vegas Recap!

Hello Everybody!

Well, I have blisters on at least two of my toes I will have you know!  Not from walking the floor today, but from walking ever since I got here!  Today was just the icing on the cake! LOL! I've been in tennis shoes mostly while here! So what gives! Hehehe! But, I'm back in the room relaxing and have my feet propped up on a bench!  Yahooooo!

OK, Projects....Sorry I didn't do that first thing this morning.  Here is a quick glimpse at a few of my projects.  I will do posts each day on all of them...

The Clock - Graphic 45
I was running trying to get this done until the last minute!  So, I have no other pictures of this project.  I used Steampunk Spells and decided it needed a little movement so I added gears and a handle to crank the gears with.  So it moves and is a functional clock.
Tim Holtz/Sizzix Projects

Sadly, these didn't photograph well in the booth, but I have some pictures I will share with you later where you can see how the project on the left and right are so pretty illuminated.  One of my favorites was the shaker box in the middle. 

Another project that was fast and easy was the Halloween tag....

Other projects to be revealed this week...so stay tuned...

Today was totally different.  Not boatloads of new stuff, but it's to be expected as all the big releases come in January.  However, there was some cool stuff out there...Here's some pictures...

Bo Bunny - The Avenues Paper Collection

Karen Burniston's House Die.  You know me and architecture...Loved this little die to add to her card die...

Probably, one of my show favorites, Tim's masks....

This really cool armoire die from Sizzix....

Love Love Love this Brenda Walton Die....

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of Theresa Collins Santa's List paper collection but I think that's where I fell in love!  So pretty!  Sorry to talk about it and not have pictures, but Theresa gave me a collection and I will show it to y'all on YouTube and/or on my Ustream show.

Kaiser Krafts - Christmas Paper

Prima's Delight, I thought was just beautiful....Gorgeous for Spring ....

Of Course Dyan Reaveley's new fun stamps!  LOVE!!!! Also, her new stamp pad!  I will do a show on that and show you how it works!  So cool and great idea!  Love Again!  LOL!

I'm a BIG fan of Eileen Hull!  I love the way she creates dies to make 3-dimensional objects!  Makes me happy!  Here are a couple of her new pieces,  The Chair and Crib....Two different dies totally AMAZING!
And then we go to one of my favorite booths! why?  Because they have tools!  Yahooo! 
We R' Memory Keepers...
Cool new folding Trim and Scoreboard all in one!  LOVE!

Since the envelope board was a hit, they added these to collection.  One makes a gift box, another makes a gift bag, pillow box and candy box.

The Card Punches.  Place your picture or graphic on this punch, center it up and it crops all four corners at once with either a rounded corner or the traditional straight corners.

We R' Memory Keepers new Chevron Washi Tape...Lots of colors...
And now for my favorite new item from We R' Memory Keepers...
This amazingly cool fold up desk!  I love this thing for adding another work surface to your craft area!  Looks nice, has lots of cubbies for stuff and folds up and out of the way...Even to just pay bills!  Cool!


OK, some fun pictures of friends!  Yahoooo!
The one and only...Lady Dy!  Dyan Reaveley!

The Gorgeous Theresa Collins!

Sadly, blogger or the hotel connection is not letting me add more photos to this post, so I will end here...I'm off on a jet plane in the morning back to my quiet, peaceful and not so illuminated country home!  Yahoooo! 
See ya tomorrow!
The Gentleman Crafter





  1. First... thank you for posting so many great pics on facebook and here on your blog!! I know it takes a LOT of time and want you to know we all appreciate it! It's been fun today seeing your FB posts. :) It's kinda nice that not so much new is coming out... gives us and our budgets a chance to actually get a good portion fairly soon. I did chuckle a bit when I read your got a packet of DP's from Teresa Collins... it is GORGEOUS paper... but what I lol'd at was I thought... too bad she didn't give him one of her brand new eBossers. I love my eBosser... incredible machine! Well... rest well tonight and have a great day tomorrow at the show! Thanks again for taking time to share your adventure with us!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and photos with all of us!! We appreciate it!! I'm sorry about your poor tootsies...blisters are NOT fun! Hope you managed to win a little while you were there. Safe travels tomorrow. Take deep cleansing breaths and it will all be ok...especially with your drugs on board.

  3. Thank you for the pictures of the show. Would love to be able to attend one of these things, but as that is never going to happen, I will live vicariously through you! Hugs Julie

  4. Thanks for sharing these pics with us, since CHA is on the other side of the world from me, it's really appreciated. I have to say, I LOVE that little fold up desk with those shelves, that would be so useful (she says, dreaming ......).

  5. Oh Jim I LOVE what you designed and displayed at CHA . . . you have been very busy the last few weeks indeed! How wonderful that you were able to see and spend some time with friends while at CHA - LOVE the photo of you & Miss Dylusions . . . now about you and Cesar flying home tomorrow -TAKE YOUR DRUGS!!! . . . looking forward to seeing next Tuesday on "Take Out Tuesday" :-)

  6. Fab, thanks for sharing Jim. Looking forward to seeing your work in more detail.x

  7. Wow... thanks for sharing all the fabulous NEW goodies! I started my list! (Yikes... we won't tell Michael just yet! LOL!) Have a safe trip home! Can't wait to see you go through all the goodies with us!!! Hugs!!!

  8. This stuff is awesome! Thanks for sharing, it's the nect best thing to being there! If there's one thing I love about your projects it's that they're FUNCTIONAL! So, will we be seeing the instructions for that amazing clock on Etsy?

  9. This stuff is awesome! Thanks for sharing, it's the nect best thing to being there! If there's one thing I love about your projects it's that they're FUNCTIONAL! So, will we be seeing the instructions for that amazing clock on Etsy?

  10. Afternoon Jim from "across the pond". Just loved your photos and coincidentally I'm just sitting here in South Yorkshire watching Theresa Collins on our Create & Craft channel, and guess what we are able to purchase her latest collections. Which is SO cool! Enjoy the rest of your day and safe journey home.

  11. Fabulous projects! Do you get them back at the end of the show? Or does Tim keep them?
    I'd love to see a vid with you showing them off. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. I love that fold up desk too! Fab little cubbies too. Sounds like you've enjoyed yourselves. But I know you'll love getting home too. Thanks for sharing, and see ya soon.Jess

  12. Jim thanks so much for sharing the stuff you created and the stuff that you saw!i really thought "what more could they possibly come up with" well, i see that they have thought up so much more stuff to keep us shopping; isn't it a good thing we have all seen the 'let's go shopping' vidoe...lol...see you on the airwaves and looking forward to more posts.

  13. Thanks for sharing your photos with us all - so nice to see your work there too. I am glad that there is not quite so much new stuff out this time as my bank account is suffering at the moment! Hope you have a pleasant journey back home.

  14. WOW. Wish we had something like that here in Australia. Looks like you are having sooo much fun. Can't wait to see what you make when you get your hands on all the new stuff.

  15. hey jim, does the fold up chair also come with the fold down desk. I hope so, at $199.00 it should!!!

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the clock. Thank you for posting all your great finds - that fold-up desk is really something I could love. I love it when you guys post all these new products and finds because people like me in other countries get to see what is cool and twist the arms of our local retailers to import it!

  17. Great projects Jim. Can't wait to see them in more detail. And love all your great finds at the show too. thanks as always for sharing. Theresa aka Mountain Dreamer

  18. Oh wow - I love the Steampunk Spells clock!


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