Thursday, July 11, 2013

Things I know Today!

Good Morning All!

Well, I guess it's time to blog huh?  It's been awhile.  Sorry about that!  This time of year always  seem so busy you're running...well, maybe a fast trot anyway!!  Maybe it's just me going slower from the heat or maybe it's me just getting older!  LOL!  Who knows!

Things I do know....

  • I am so excited to be teaching tomorrow and Saturday at the Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, Texas!  It's going to be so much fun!  We will do the Roosevelt Album on Friday night and the Gent's Desk on Saturday!  Can't wait!

  • Tomorrow I will put the Roosevelt pattern up for sale in my Etsy store  Yahoo!  So glad there has been such interest!  I so appreciate it!  Totally Honored!

  • I still haven't made my reservations for CHA!!!  Good Grief!

  • And last but not least....Today is my sister Kim's Birthday!  Happy Birthday Kimmie!  My sister is a mother to six...Emily, Gibson, Tucker, Molly Jane, Liya Katherine and of course little Finny!  What an amazing mother she is to the kiddos!  I am always taken aback how good these kids are!  Kim is also a wonderful wife to my brother in-law, Truett who is also an amazing father! 

To honor my sister's big day I leave you with some pictures I stole from her FB page!  LOL!

Kimmie Exploring!

Kim and Finny!

Kim and her kiddos!

Kim with her soon to be daughter-in law!

Kim at convention!

Kim with her family!  Amazing group huh?

Kim's Children!

Kim with her eldest daughter, Emily!

Kim (L) and Kathy (R) My Sisters

I so love this picture!  It was an amazing day...Kim's Wedding!  My proud dad and Kim giving all...HOOK 'EM HORNS!
                   Happy Birthday Kimmie!  I love you! 

So, I will see you from Waxahachie this weekend!  Have an awesome Thursday!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Jim, thanks for sharing your sister's birthday with us. What a beautiful family. Made me cry a little, and I don't cry!!

  2. So so so sweet Jim! Love all the photos of your precious sister and family. You look like your dad. See you tomorrow!

  3. Busy, busy, busy. Happy Birthday to your sister Kim. It was nice of you to remember her in such a public way. I'm confused. You said she had 6 children up at the top, but the picture titled "Kim's Children" shows 7. They're a good looking bunch. Having come from a big family, I know how counting and keeping track of kids can get confusing. ;-)

  4. You're not getting older and it's not the're just B U S Y!!!!!!! So much more than last year at this time when you're only obligation was for CHA. Now you're teaching and Ustream-ing as well as CHA.

    Happy Birthday Miss Kimmie!!!! Love all the photos of your family!!!

  5. Hey Jim - I missed you! I guessed you'd be busy getting ready for CHA though - nearly there! Have you fully recovered from the kidney stone episode now? I do hope so.
    So nice to see photos of Kim and her family - she really is a special lady to look after all those kids! Take care my friend and enjoy Waxahachie this weekend!

  6. Happy Birthday Kim! Jim you better get your reservations made for CHA or you'll be bunking with Tim or Laura. Ha! I hope all goes well this weekend with your class, wish I could come, but MI is a little too far away. I'm going camping in the morning up across the straits for 4 days. (so excited!) We all miss you but know you have a lot on your plate right now.

  7. Happy Birthday Kim! Wonderful photo tribute. Whew, just listening to your schedule makes me tired. Have a fun time teaching this weekend! Looking forward to the Rosevelt album tutorial. Good grief indeed! Make those reservations. You are leaving a week from tomorrow. Thanks for checking in!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family.

  9. See ya tomorrow!!! Very excited.

  10. You're so sweet, wish I had a brother like you ;o) enjoy the weekend and get on those plane see ya in a week.
    Hugz, Z


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