Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Got Credit?

Hello Again Everyone!

 I wanted to share a quick story with you....If I may.....

Yesterday, I went to purchase gas for my car.  Yep, I would rather chop down a tree than fill up my car with gas.  I have no idea why!!! (I've decided that it's the standing in one place and not being able to do something else while filling up...that seems to be the main culprit.)  Anyway, getting gas right?  Well, pulled up, popped the security latch on the gas compartment, got out, pulled out the nozzle, inserted the nozzle into the tank, went to slide my credit card through the scan bar...forgot the card....opened the door to the car, looked madly for my credit card in my satchel...not there...looked in my arm rest compartment...Not there either...Now searching with that sense of sick panic of where in tar hills had I left it.  Nowhere to be found. 

I came home, looked through pockets, under furniture, insane places like behind the toilet (you never know right?)...nothing.  This is the point you sit down in a chair and retrace your steps.  Well, my brain fizzled out some years back.  I'm purely working on the reserves God has blessed me with in being able to keep.  I can't remember what I had for dinner the night before let alone a whole action packed day!  I sit comfortably down in my brown leather chair, the same one that Ellie, my dachshund, chewed up the very memorable heritage quilt on and the very one I still find remnants of batting each and every time I sit in...That one!   Calmly, I retrace my steps...OK, when was the last time I used it...I DON'T REMEMBER!!!  Calmly I said!  Well, I went to the cleaners...Check... then I headed over!  to....HOBBY LOBBY that's it!!!

So, with much glee, I might add, I ran into the studio and dug through the bags!  Sadly...Nothing!  This called for a cup of coffee.  I slid a Keurig pod into the maker and contemplated my next step...I sipped on coffee and thought, it just has to be in my car!  Next, I pulled my car apart again! I even asked Cesar to double check me.  It's the darndest thing how something could be staring at you in the face, but the second you call someone to help you, they go right to it... Nothing Again!

Then the coffee kicked in....CALL HOBBY LOBBY!!!! Even though I knew for sure I picked up the card....Reason I know so much?  You have to run the card through yourself.  You really never have the opportunity to release the card from your hand for the transaction to take place.  But, at this point I was desperate and ready to call the credit card company and report it missing....Which in my mind means, I got an "F" on my report card and have to fess up to the folks! 

I waited, and waited and waited and finally the store manager came onto the phone.  Y'all, it's Christmastime at a craft store...I'm sure this man was running back and forth pulling letter "G" or letter "B" Christmas trees for a customer.  The place was FULL when I was in there and the non-existent lines that are the norm when I get off work were queued back about 6 people each holding hoards of crafty goodness.  I honestly hated to bother him.  But, I was on a quest!

On the phone..."Sir, my name is Jim Hankins and I think I may have left my credit card in your store yesterday.  I would just like to check."  He said, "What's your name again?"  "Jim Hankins" I replied...."Why yes sir, someone found it in the parking lot and brought it in!"  It had dropped from my hands when I got in the car!  Scary huh!  But, the whole point of this LONG LONG LONG tale....It's so cool to know that people still are decent and honest!  Especially right here at the beginning of the holiday season when money is at a premium and the thieves are alive and well!

I retrieved my card today  and wished I could reward the person who found it.  However, not able to do this, I headed to the paper arts area and picked up a few things in THANKS!  I learned a really great lesson about how I need to pay better attention to where I place important things....and how cool and thankful I am that people are honest and caring!

Tomorrow, I will continue my spirit of the season ornament tutorials and share another fun vintage ornament.  Or at least I think it's fun...Hope you do too...Here's a sneak peek.....

Thanks for coming by and I hope to see you tomorrow!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. That is really awesome that your credit card was found and turned in!!! Hip Hip Hooray for who ever found it!

  2. What a story! I'm so glad you had a good Samaritan and got your card back. I thought you were going to say you were trying to put diesel in your car, my mush brain did that the other day, the end of the pump wouldn't go into my car and I thought the hole froze shut. Two smart men figured that one out for me, could have been a catastrophe. Gotta love the GOLDEN YEARS, HA!

  3. Jim, so glad you got your card back, love the mustache for your car and I LOVE these ornaments!
    Gail in Oklahoma

  4. Ahhhhh, the holiday spirit is out there. So glad you got your card back. Nice to hear there are honest folks out there. Thank you for sharing this story - always nice to hear a happy ending. Loving the sneak of the blingy ornaments.

  5. What a nice story
    .All that panic wears a body out! Yes there are still honest people out there.
    We once found an extremely expensive watch outside a Barossa Vally winery chateaux.Must have been a wealthy tourist because that watch was seriously gorgeous. We handed it in, and heard later that the lady who lost it had inherited it, and was in tears, and devastated that she thought it was lost.. She must have been so happy when she got it back.We had a nice glow to know we'd "done the right thing too."
    I am really liking all these love old fashioned/charming decorations.I think Home Made are the BEST ones!!
    thanks 4 sharing.

  6. But how did you pay for the gas (I really want to say petrol like we do here in the UK!).... so glad someone handed in your card and didn't clean you out shopping on it first! Your decorations look fab.

  7. Thanks for sharing Jim :-) It's lovely to hear someone handed in your card. It's only been a few weeks since we had a break in & the police have signed us up to an area wide alert scheme. It seems like every day they are requesting info on yet another robbery! It's a very big area, so this is probably average. It's not making me very trustful of my fellow man though ;-)

  8. I really believe there is more good than bad. We just hear more of the bad stories than the good. How sad is that? Glad you got your card back and all of your monies were still there.

  9. WOW--that IS scary! What a relief to know that it is safely back in your hands (Is it REALLY safe??;)) and it is so awesome to know that there are some honest people out there who do the noble thing...sad to say that we don't hear about it often! But kudos to you! and your Samaritan!

  10. OMG, Jim!!! I've been there, done that!! I I know the panic you went through!!!! t's NOT a fun place to be, let me tell ya! It's so good to hear that there are still honest and good people in this world. May God bless the kind soul who turned in your card!!! Oh...and once again your tales are entertaining if not a bit stomach clenching this time.

  11. Yes, there are good people still out there, and one of them is a good friend of mine. Here's what happened to her recently... she rented a car 'cause her car was in the shop and found someone's checkbook under the seat. She called this person and they came over and picked it up, and they were very surprised to get it back. Long story short, the person who lost the checkbook... was another friend of mine from church, I grew up with this guy! There is a point to this story somewhere!! LOL!! Glad you got your card back, I've lost so many credit cards over the years I've lost count!! Happy (early) Thanksgiving to you and Cesar!


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