Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Ornies: A How To...

Good Evening Everybody!

I've been hanging in the studio as of late.  Doing what?  Preparations for Christmas of course!   It's what I do!  You by now know that I love Christmas and I start EARLY...The magic of Christmas....It makes me happy! 

This year, I thought I would do a tree in my bedroom that was pretty much all handmade ornaments.  Traditionally, it's usually my red and white tree, but this year I wanted to change it up a bit. ...Vintage/Victorian tree.....As I was making ornaments this weekend, I thought, WAIT! Someone might be interested in making some ornaments this year too....For gifts or for their own décor...So, I thought over the next few weeks, I would share some ornament making tuts in hopes to share the Christmas spirit!

Tonight, I will start with a VERY FAST and EASY ornament.  The.Paper Accordion Pleated Ornament...

Step 1:
Take really any size piece of paper.  I used a 6 x 9-inch piece of book paper.   Pleat the paper back and forth about 1/2- inch.

Step 2:
Fold the pleated paper in half and cut into (2) pieces.


Step 3:  Place the papers together and staple in the middle.  I used Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher for this.

Step 4:
Fold the papers in half again and glue all open sides to each other forming a circle...

Step 5:
Punch out a decorative center and adhere to the middle of your round paper piece.  I used a snowflake.


Step 6:
Add a decorative element to the center of the punched piece.  Bling, buttons, brads, etc.  Just something to dress it up a bit.

Step 7:
Last, add some floss or string with a needle to the top to hang on the tree.  Voila....A Vintage Inspired Paper Ornament.
See...Easy!  Give it a try!   Add some glitter, a favorite button or an old broach... Punch the edges with a decorative punch....The ideas are endless...
Thanks for coming by!
The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Looks so easy, I think I will give it a try.

  2. Thank you for thinking of us and sharing, too!

  3. Wow, you weren't kidding! That is easy! Guess what I am doing with the kids this afternoon?

  4. Oh, this would be a great kids' activity..Love that your bedroom is Christmassy too!! Love anyone who has a "childlike" attitude to life!Looking forward to more of those decorations.

  5. Oh my these are beautiful Jim...These look easy enough for me to do....Thank you for sharing...cant wait to see what other Christmas projects you are making....

  6. I love simple! I love easy!! So, hey, I love this idea! They will look great on anything. Even stacking them over a skewer to make a layered Christmas tree, in diff colors and sizes.
    hugs, Patty
    Would love for you to check out my blog:

  7. Love these with the book paper. Really, easy peasy. Thanks for showing us how. These would be great on presents.

  8. These are so pretty. They would be great on a tag or card. So many options:).

  9. Super easy and super cool! Love what you've done! Thanks for sharing!

  10. So much fun! I have 3 large dictionaries looking to be torn into! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh....think the kids might like this,when they come! Thanks for sharing!

  12. These look really fun and easy! TFS!

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  14. What a good idea! For gifts, you could use acid-free book pages (So the ornaments will last) and use a tiny special photo as the centerpiece. Great for Grandmas!

  15. Hi Jim, beautiful.
    Similar you can make an angel:
    That was my last year favorite.


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