Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today I give thanks for so many things....
For my family...For my friends...For my health...For the car I drive, the safe and warm house I live in, the job that I have, for all my pets that give me so much joy...I'm so thankful that God blessed me with the ABILITY and LOVE to use my hands to create.  This creativity has bestowed another thankful gift...each of online family.  I am honored, blessed and thankful to all of you for your amazing support, friendship, advice, love, comments, emails, and cards.  Thank You for making my life so much more rich and wonderful. 
May you and yours have an amazing, safe, family filled Thanksgiving Day and for all my European and Canadian friends, have a safe and wonderful Thankful Thursday!
The Gentleman Crafter


  1. That's a wonderful post Jim. Its good to be thankful and realize we are not as bad off as we thought. Life is wonderful. Karen.x

  2. While we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, we nevertheless have many things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving, Jim; and thanks for sharing your life and creativeness with all. Helen

  3. On a cheeky note: Safe house? Does that include mice that bite? or are they in the pets category? Under safe and warm house you did not include DRY, which I think you can safely add now...

    On a serious note: Thank you for all you do to inspire us in Blogland, for letting us in on your life and all you do and think outside of the crafting world.

    You are a true inspiration to us all.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Cesar! I'm thankful for you sharing your talent with us.

  5. What a lovely post Jim! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Cesar too. Although we do not celebrate Thanksgiving day in the UK, I think that we ought to! Apart from the excuse for another holiday and eating lots of turkey, in spite of hardships there is still such a lot to be thankful for. You are always such a wonderful example in that respect and I am truly thankful to count you as a good friend. I am also very grateful for having many more international friends who I've met via your blog and Ustream shows - who knew that you could chat with groups of like minded people even though they are many thousands of miles away?! Much love to you and Cesar.

  6. Well said! What a blessing our online family is. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Cesar and your family.

  7. As Karen says, that really is a wonderful post. Thank you Jim for sharing your amazing creativity and "never a dull moment" life with us. You never cease to make me smile :)

  8. Well said Jim...and although we already celebrated our Thanksgiving last month, I give thanks everyday for my life, family, friends, health and country that I live in...all the best

  9. HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG to you and Cesar. I am thankful to have found your work years ago to inspire my own creations. I count myself as a distant Texas online relative! Many blessings indeed do we all have.


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