Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Wonderful Day!

Hello My Friends!

Wow!  What a wonderful day I am having!  Amazing birthday wishes from everyone, even a few Happy Birthday Songs sung beautifully through the phone.  Thank You ALL!

I started off the day with a surprise Skpe bed, hair all crazy...But that's what's so wonderful about friends...who cares!  Then a wonderful call from my Sweet Mom.  This is of course her day as much as it's mine.  She had to do all the work... uhhh 36 years ago...No not buying it?  OK, 48 years ago! LOL!  So Happy Birthday Mom...

Next, it was off for a coffee on the front porch.  How cool is it to just sit and watch the Spanish Doves come and go...NICE!  A wonderful hot shower, breakfast in bed and now playing in the studio...I'm loving the day!  Yahooo!  Slow, calm and relaxed! 

Ahhhh, back to the studio....

Thank you all for coming by the Black Friday Steampunk Ustream Hop yesterday.  We had such a fun time!  Kathryn's studded gloves, Kathy's Gauntlet and my Top Hat,  helped get us all in the mood to create.

Here's the link to my show HERE or you can use this link:

As promised last night, here are some pictures and details on the Steampunk Top Hat....

I was totally blown away by LostWaxOz's YouTube video on his AMAZING hat and decided to give it a go...

Here is a link to his video:

Amazing huh? Talented man!  If you would like to purchase his very reasonably priced pattern, follow this link here:

You can find the top hat pattern here

Now, for a few notes of things I learned:
  • Print out the .PDF pattern in Actual Size...Not Shrink To Fit.  You can change this in your printers software.
  • If you can't find a non-ribbed yoga mat, use 1/4-inch thick Craft Foam found in most craft stores next to the Fun Foam.  Adhere the pieces together (contact cement) to form the sizes you need to cut the pattern pieces.
  • You can use hot glue as I did to adhere all the tiles to the hat if you cannot use contact cement.
  • I used Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint in black to make the "puffed" rivets.   It worked great...
That's it...Off to play!  Thanks Again for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Happy Birthday to the 3 of us, did you know it was Winston Churchill's birthday date aswell, also here in the uk it's St Andrews day in Scotland

    Have a great day

  2. Thanks Janet! Happy Birthday to you too! Yahooo!

  3. Hi Jim, Glad to hear your having a wonderful birthday. I hope it gets even better :-) Love the Steam Punk Hat. It is super awesome! Off to watch tge u-stream from last night. Theresa x

  4. Happy Belated Birthday. This Steampunk Hat is truly awesome. Great job by you and Lost Wax. Such Creativity!!!

  5. to reiterate from last night, HAPPY BIRTHDAY....hope it is fantabulous!

  6. Happy Birthday Jim!!! Love the hat! Happy Birthday, again!!!
    hugs, Patty
    Blog Updated on 11-27-13

  7. I know one can never get tired of Happy B-Day...glad you did have a fabulous day!!! Your hat is pure awesomeness!!! amazingly done to greatness!! Can you tell that I LUV LUV IT!!!

  8. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday, sorry I missed the event! The hat is fantastic!

  9. Amazing and a very Happy Birthday to you my friend !!!

  10. Love your steampunk hat! Hope you had a great birthday.

    Crafty Journal


    Happy b day Jim,I saw this on Pinterest and thought of you, what a cute decoration for you this Frosty Hat (Jim Hat) would be! Enjoy it.

  12. Jim this is one AMAZING piece. I love it!! Karen.x

  13. Sorry I missed your birthday! I'm glad it was a good day. Love the hat, I'm off to check out the video.

  14. Happy belated Birthday! I am not sure if I wished you a Happy Bday on FB or not! Things have been a little overwhelming here lately! Michael and I just watched your Top Hat Video... FABULOUS!!! I absolutely LOVE it and may have to give it a try one day! So glad that you were able to enjoy your birthday!!! Hugs!!!

  15. Thank you so much for the tips! We spent all day looking for nontextured exercise mats in 8mm with no luck! I finally found a reasonably cheap mat on Amazon (around $18) that is 1/4 inch and should do once we put the craft foam panels on it. Do you think that will work? Your hat turned out AMAZING!


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