Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Friday Show and Sale..

Good Evening Everybody!

Wow!  It sure is getting darker earlier everyday!  For some reason it makes me want to come home from work and have a quick nap before I get up and whirl around the studio.  Reason for napping?  Well, my sleep habits are totally messed up!  They have been for a long time.  I went to bed early (10:00) as I kept dozing off in the chair.  Then I was up at 12:30 turned on YouTube and watched old Dame Edna and Phyllis Diller shows until 3 a.m.  Why The Dame and Phyllis you ask?  I have NO IDEA whatsoever!!! LOL!   I will say, if I turn on QVC or some channel selling their wares...And yes, I have watched EVERY Hair Club For Men infomercial ever made....I do seem to go back to slumber land a bit faster.

I have a couple of bits of news I would like to share with you tonight...

First off, I will be joining Kathryn Krieger of Kathryn Scraps and Kathy Orta-Files of Paper Phenomenon on Black Friday...which is this Friday, November 29th for an amazing Ustream tutorial marathon of fun steampunk goodness!  We will also give away some How To Steampunk Books to get everyone ready for the Steampunk Soiree in August!!  Be sure to come by and join us after shopping the stores Friday...Here are the details:

Next, I am joining in on the Black Friday Sale Madness! ....

This Friday, November 29th, I will be selling all tutorials in my Etsy shop at 
50% off!!!  
So, if there was a tutorial you always wanted, now's the time to grab a deal on FRIDAY ONLY...

Here's a quick link to get you there...

Tomorrow night, I'm back in the spirit of the season with another Vintage Ornament Tutorial!! So keep coming back!

See you tomorrow!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Wonderful news!! Can't wait to tune in on Friday!!

  2. Friday sounds like fun! Looking forward to more vintage ornaments. Have a great day.

  3. D'oh - I just bought my 2 favorite tutorials. That's OK , they are worth it at any price!
    Question though... Will you ever be putting together a tutorial on your fantastic lighthouse?

  4. Yeah baby. Half price Jimmy Treasures! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with on Friday.

  5. hahhaa no wonder you cant sleep, watchinv tv is a stimulant, I found that out the hard way. I work shift work so I get home at midnight and either watched tv or played on my ipad and never got to sleep till 3-4am. so now I read on my kindle and that makes me sleep before I turn a few pages over or you could read an old fashioned book to get you to sleep


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