Saturday, November 9, 2013

Making Tiny Italian Postcard Books!

Good Afternoon Everybody!

I cannot tell you how good it is to be back to my normal self again.  It has taken a full week to get my sleeping routine back into swing and I finally feel like...ME!! 

This being said, I have been working in the studio non-stop this morning.  On my Take Out Tuesday Ustream Show last Tuesday, I showed you some tiny little postcard books I purchased in Florence, Italy.  These fast and easy little books are fun to make and I thought I would show you how...Great little stocking stuffers or lay one on each place setting on the Thanksgiving table.

Here is a couple of shots of the tiny postcard books I purchased...


So lets get started....

Step 1:
Cut (1) piece of cardstock to 1-1/2 x 2

Step 2:
Cut (2) pieces of patterned paper or in my case wrapping paper to the same, 1-1/2 x 2-inch size.

Step 3:
With a ruler and pen, mark over 3/8-inches from the right side and 3/4-inch top to bottom.

Place one of the pieces of patterned paper on one side of the cardstock with adhesive or glue.

Score the papers at 7/8-inch from each side.

Step 6:
Punch a hole as wide as the ribbon, leather or string (I used waxed string.) you will be using to close the book through the papers.

Step 7:
Insert the string through the front and splay out the threads on the back side and glue lightly.


Step 8:
Now place the second piece of patterned paper over the string end and to the backside.

Step 9:
Now for the postcard pictures...

You can grab the template I made here:

Using your picture software on a computer, make small thumbnail pictures that will fill in the template.  You can either manipulate the pictures with your software to fit or you can cut them out and adhere them to the template.

Step 10:
Score in between each picture and accordion pleat the strip.

Step 11:
With a pen, write on the back of each picture sharing the location or other information.

Step 12:
Glue the strip into the book.  Make sure the closure string is to the outside right.

Fold the pages into the book and wrap the string around to close. 

Voila!  You Did it!  I hope you make a few...Like I said before, they are fun and easy to make.

Have an awesome weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. WONDERFUL project!!!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. What a brilliant way to remember your special holiday!

  3. Super cute little book. Love it. Johanne L.

  4. what a great idea!! i can think of tons of ideas for these...I love the paper

  5. AWE!!!! Such a cute little book! I lost my little book of Rome and was thinking about doing something I don't have to figure it all've done that for me!! THANK YOU Jim!!! So glad you're back to being YOU!

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  7. Jim, Thank you for the template! I love the idea of putting one of these at everyone's place at Thanksgiving! I'm thinking of using old family photos in the little book.

  8. thanks for sharing, love it and want to make it myself!!

  9. I just love your little book and have lots of ideas going round in my head to put in one. Thank you

  10. Such cute little books! Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Love these little books. Thanks for figuring out how to make them and sharing the tutorial with us. Thanksgiving place cards is a great idea. A couple of these tucked in a Christmas countdown calendar would be fun too.

  12. What a neat keepsake! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us... I enjoyed reading about the trip and seeing all the pics! I wasn't able to join the u-stream and don't know if you showed it or not, but I's love a peak into your travel journal y'all made with Tim. :)

  13. Thank you so much for doing all the work so that we can make our own little books. For this project, I'm ready to cut into my precious paper that I bought in Florence. I bet those little books fit perfectly in Laura's mini elf houses. That time change is a bear, isn't it. Happy you're back to your 'normal' self and swinging into Christmas.


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