Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello Everybody!

I'm back!  Now this post is chock-full of pictures just be warned!  Now I'm not talking 10 pictures!  Tons!  For me at least, so much fun to go back and see!  Hope you enjoy too!

Note:  Please know that my brain really freezes on names and I'm embarrassed as heck to not remember.  I would be so honored, if you are pictured here, if you would be so kind to take the time and email me your name so I can include it.  Please know that I truly apologize up front!


Me at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  You can tell the Xanax is starting to do it's thing!  Buggy eyes! LOL!

Long Beach...

We flew into Long Beach Airport.  What a cool airport.  It's so small you even walk out on the tarmac!  I thought that was so cool!  Doesn't take much for me!

Touchdown and it was off to meet Carol from  Carol Hester truly is the most laid back coolest lady I have ever met.....Well, let me take that back on the Laid back part...Kathryn Kreiger wins that title!  LOL!  But Carol takes second place.  So easy going and such a pleasure to be around!  You just wanted to hug on her!

Carol with The Gentleman's Top Hat!

I have no idea where this picture came from.   LOL!  Cesar and Jim
Chowing down with Carol.

Leisa and Carolyn picked Carol, Cesar and I up from the airport!  It was so good to meet them!  Then it was off for some chow baby!

Leisa and Carolyn..Thanks You guys!

Then came the hugs at Winter CHA 2013...What can I say!  I'm definitely a hugger!  Just ask anyone!  Special note here...I do believe Linda Ledbetter gave the most incredible hugs and I never got a picture of it!  Maybe in Vegas Baby!

Linda Ledbetter, Jim, Laura Denison, Candy, Cheryl and Anita Houston

Jim and Cheryl

Jim hugging Hels...Linda and Anita on the right.

Jim and Dyan Reaveley

Denise Hahn (Graphic 45 DT) , Gena, Jim and Carolyn Martin-Ross from the Craft Scrapper in Waxahachie, TX

Jim Hugging Dr. E

May Flaum and Jim

Jim, Joy Kennedy and Chelle Fowler with Tammy Tutterow in the background!  LOL!

Jim, Kristin Highberg and Mario Rossi

Jim and Candy

Jim and Jonathan Fong

Magdelana and Jim

Kristy Lee working the WeRMemory Keepers Booth and Jim

Kathryn Krieger (Kathryn Scraps and Jim

Jim and Diana Hetherington

My Crafty Scrapper Pals...Gena and Carolyn...Where was Shelly?

Jim and Dyan...again!  Sorry can't help it!

Jim and Charlie LaBonte

Shelly Hickox and Jim...I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of Tim...Then on second look....Tim is giving a demo right behind us.

Jim and Kimber McGray

Jim and Delores

See what I mean!  LOL!  Now for some assorted pictures of CHA Shenanigans!

Dy!  Too Funny!

Dy being Dy!

Dy with her crocheted beard and stache!

Obviously in the Accucut Booth!  LOL!

Making some arrangements for classes!

Me trying to Facebook and Twitter!

Joe Rotella

Trying out the new We R Memory Keepers Envelope Maker!

Flash Mob, just before we went in....

Trying to get our gear in place for the picture.


Dyan Trying to act like Marilyn Monroe

Jim, Kathy Orta and Laura Denison in Graphic 45's Photo Booth.

Carolyn, Carol, Jim and Leisa

Barrie and Joy

Cesar and Carol in front of the convention center

Cesar and Jim in 32 degree weather sporting shorts!  Crazy!

Jim and Cesar

Joy and The Top Hat!

Jim loving Dy's new Dylusions stamps!  Especially the top hat!

Talking!  Looks like the ADHD kicked in...Squirrel....

Shelly Hickox and Jim Hankins projects in the Sizzix Both.  I love this umbrella chandelier  by the way!

Blurry picture of Jim holding the Burlap Canvas.

Shelly holding one of her amazing cards!

Carol and Cesar in the FabScraps Booth.

Cesar getting Dylusional!

My favorite thing...Meeting new folks!  Yahoo!'s Pizza Get-Together

Kathy Files Orta, Carol Hester and Kathryn Krieger

Well I'm sure I overwhelmed your eyes with a million photos....but I sure am glad that you came by to give them a look!

CHA 2013 was AWESOME!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. LOVE all the pics! It was great to see you!

  2. Wonderful to put faces with people. Thank you so much for letting us tag along with you on your adventures. I really enjoyed peeking in!

  3. FUN!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the fun!!!

  4. Looks like it was a blast. Nothing wrong with a being a hugger Jim.

  5. Love all the pictures.Good grief - you might have to start a CHA scrapbook with LO's and everything. Lol. My Dad always told me you have to take a zillion photos to get some good ones. You got some really fun ones.So glad to see your top hat got to enjoy everything with you. Hope you're feeling better.

  6. Looks like you certainly enjoyed yourself JIm!

  7. Thanks for sharing pics of folks I spend a lot of time on line with but never get to see their faces. Feel better real soon.

  8. Fun pics for those of us not lucky enough to go. Thank you for sharing your adventure!

  9. Love seeing you and Cesar having fun. Keep on huggin'...we love it! Thanks so much for posting the picture of Kimber!

  10. woo hoo Jim, thanks so much for sharing.. what a shame you all did not have fun.. lol.. quite the contrary.. loved seeing some of the people i talk with on a weekly basis but have never met.. i am keeping my eyes peeled for more.. lol.. have a great time at market!!

  11. it truly was so nice to finally meet you and to get that hug!!! looking forward to next time!!

  12. It was great to see you and more to have one picture with you.... I hope we can meet soon! bye the way... I'm Magdalena the girl in the cute Bra :)

  13. So FUN Jim thank you for sharing! That Dyan is so funny. Love the new stamp of hers with top hat... almost as if she made them just for you LOL !! I enjoyed seeing all those happy faces I really missed not going this year !

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful time...thanks for sharing with us!

  15. Jim, It looks like everyone had a great time, thanks again for taking us along. I know you probably met alot of people, I wish you could tag everyone so we could figure out whose who in the world of ustream. Have fun at market.

  16. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Thanks for taking us along!

  17. Great job, Cesar, as I'm sure he took lots of these. TFS. And my favorites are you in the boa and the one with the other person in the top hats. But Candy and Linda at the end, waving good-bye, is special!

    Your Friend in ART,

  18. What a whirlwind week of fun you had! Thank you for letting us in on it!!!

  19. Oh so fun to see all these and read the comments you added!! Thanks for sharing the fun time you had. Seems like it was an exceptionally good show this time... everyone's blogs, FB, and such were all abuzz. Please come to NC to teach a class! I read you're doing one in TX this summer.... just take the scenic route by way of NC.

  20. I, too, am happy to put names and faces together. I"m so glad you had a great time and enjoyed yourself. Your projects are amazing.

    Keep hugging!! Hugs are the best!

  21. love all the pictures! looks like lots of hugs going around....wish i could have been there...looks like lots of fun!

  22. OMG Looks like a fun time was had by all. Glad you all had a good time. Now let the creations begin!!!!!

  23. Wasn't it SO much fun?! I love reliving it through your photos, Jim, and you can bet I've got lots of hugs saved for you in Vegas!

    Sending some virtual ones to you and Cesar now, in fact...

  24. Fun pics and comments. Oh my you are a hugger! I love that about you. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Sure looks like you had lots of fun and hung with some awesome people. And got to play with some way fun products. thanks as always for sharing.

  26. Thank you for sharing these with your readers Jim! It looks like so much fun! It must have been so exciting to see all that new product!


  27. Jim,
    Love the pics! Thanks so much for sharing. Know you had a super time. Get well soon.
    Gail in Oklahoma

  28. Loved seeing you and Ceasar at the show! It was a great time :) Hope to see you again soon!

  29. I love that you have pics taken with all these people...I am always behind the real evidence that I was ever there... This gave a lovely feel of the whole event.

  30. Wow, looks like you guys had a fantastically amazing time!! Love ALL the photos, except I didn't see one of the squirrel (tee hee!). AND I bet Dy used you as her inspiration for her tophat stamp!

  31. WONDERFUL photos!! You obviously enjoyed every minute & it looks like everyone else did too.

  32. Awesome photos... thanks for sharing them! Someday I will make it to CHA! You really made me feel like I was there, Thank You so much for that!

  33. Mama mia you really took a lot of pics :) can you believe how cold it was? I'm a New York baby who's lived in so cali fo over 20'yrs and was just DYING from the darn cold. Thanks for sharing :)


  34. It was awesome to finally meet your flesh ;) Fellow Texan! I'm thrilled to call friend! Love all your photos...your projects rocked and rolled! You were a show stopper! Love the pic of me with my mouth the fullest ever with delicious pizza...thanksLaura!!!!


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