Sunday, January 20, 2013

Market - Dallas, Texas - Day Three!

Good Evening Everybody!

I've decided that this time of the day, when the hush of night falls upon this side of the world, I may be at my calmest.  It's a great joy to be able to sit back and finally relax and blog in a quiet space.  My time...I must say...being truly honest here, I love to be around people...I love people...but, I so love being alone too.  I think I'm dreaming of being in my comfy studio crafting away....Soon Jimbo, Soon!

It's been an eventful day and a lot was accomplished.  Sadly, I can't recall a single thing I purchased for the stores today.  There were so many things and it all a blur really.  So, I'm going through some of the pictures I took and wanted to share.

First, here are a few pictures of Dallas Market Center....This will give you an idea of when I say it's's....HUGE!  And contrary to what most think, market is a place where you place orders for merchandise to be shipped to stores.  It is not open to the public, just to retailers buying wholesale merchandise to stock their stores....And no, we don't rent a U-haul trailer and haul this stuff back home.  Hahahaha!

Here we go...World Trade Center from the ground floor....

OK, now for some merch and displays.....

Just Dreaming!

I would love to have this for my work surface in the studio!

Cool use of old lampshades....


This stove or oven reminded me of Dyan Reaveley...

Love this garden bench...

Very Cool!

Very True!

Cute Display of the letters coming out of the mailboxes.

Rosette covered topiary.


Santa mail holder.

Made from paper!  Cool but wow!  Expensive!  Would retail for over 80.00!

There's gotta be something cool that can be done to this HUGE heart locket.

This horse was made completely from braided cloth cording.  

I so have to try and make this!  Made completely from old wooden pallets and then painted white.  This tree was about 7 foot tall.

I love how the designers took a pine branch and hung ornaments so beautifully from it.  

OH yeah!  I need to explain something to y'all.  Believe it or not, we buy Christmas merchandise in January to be sold in December!  Go figure. The next time we go to market in July, half of this will be sold out, so you are almost forced to buy it now.  LOL!  Doesn't bother me a bit.  I love Christmas anytime, but I know some of you will just have to cover your eyes!  HAHAHA!

Good Lawd!



Great Idea!

Loving the fur neck wraps on the deer...

You had to see this in person to get the full effect.  Very pretty!  

Disco Deer!

Very Cool!  LOVE IT!



Well, that's all I have for tonight!  Better hit the hay to be bright, rested and ready for tomorrow!

Thanks for coming to visit!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Wow, never in my dreams did I imagine that Market was that HUGE.

  2. All I can say is WOW !!! (and agree with the previous comment). Can I ask what kind of merchandise are you looking to buy? Just curious!

  3. OOOOhhh! To be let loose in this place for a few hours. Awesome!!! ox Marg

  4. OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!! I can't believe how HUGE that show is!!! I also can't believe that you had to go to this directly from CHA & your fun time in LA . . . no wonder your little piggies are hurting (LOL) . . . what an interesting job you must have & the stores you buy for do they have on-line sites???? PS - did you order that really big floor old fashion clock for the store or yourself??? I want one of those!!!!!

  5. Heavens that is a huge place. I had no idea!!!!! No wonder your feet are killing you. It would take a week or more just to see the highlights. What fun. Loved everything you have showed us especially the clocks. I just love clocks. Have way to many of them already, but just can't resist buying them. What great Christmas ideas. Most of what I saw, could be duplicated. Will definitely have to save some of these pictures to revisit for next year. Loved that huge heart locket. Could that be reproduced using paper mache as the base and covering with foil tape? Just saying Jimbo!!!!!

  6. Great photos Jim - that place is huge! SHould keep you busy for a few days!

  7. You must be on sensory overload...first all the creative energy of CHA and then all this eye candy. When the two merge, I sense a tsunami of creativity coming from you. I see several things in these photos that I bet will find their way into upcoming works of art. Glad you are feeling better! Go home and soak your feet! Oh, and I took the leap...I started a blog. Wish me luck!

  8. When I was a kid my folks went to Chicago twice a year to buy for Dad's store. They came back tired! In March we would hear about the toys that would be out the next Christmas. Mom would get a day to shop in downtown Chicago and we would hear about that exciting time. imagining the (now) Macy's store.... A city block, wow. You've inspired me. I need to jot down some thoughts and create a scrapbook page for that. Thanks!

  9. I can't imagine how long it would take to get through all those displays! No wonder you've got aching feet! I love the elf/pixie doll and the clocks. I also love the pine branch with the hanging ornaments. will have to keep that in mind for Christmas.

  10. Wow... I love all the cool stuff that you showed us! That place is HUGE... How many days do you have to get through it all? I couldn't image trying to purchase for stores that far in advance, trying to predict the trends! Yikes... my feet would fall off by the time this event is over! Well you said that you wanted to get back into shape, this will definitely be a huge start! Have a wonderful day!

  11. As a buyer... you are purchasing stuff for stores for next Christmas in January??????

  12. Wow, you weren't kidding, that is big. Thanks for sharing. So much eye candy. I love those dice-I think they are boxes. Have a good day.

  13. Yep, this is not a job I would want. Not only would I be walking around headless(ref my post from the other day), I wouldn't be buying anything Christmasy. Poor store wouldn't have a stinkin' thing come December. Thanks to people like you, I will enjoy it all in December. Thanks for working so hard, I did enjoy the pics. It got my head put back together and now I am in the crafting mode.

  14. How interesting to see papercrafting ideas spilling over into home decor, such as the paper medallion tree. Just goes to show how far ahead of mainstream we are! Love the suspended pine branch - almost makes me yearn for those 12' ceilings we used to have (but not the heating bill). May have to find a way to do that on a smaller scale above the dining table.

    Have fun. Find some Epsom salt to soak your feet! And keep posting!

    Pam P

  15. I can certainly see why you're tired and the ole dogs are a barkin'. Yep...decent shoes and ibuprofen are totally gonna help you.

    Love seeing Market through your eyes. But...I would have a really hard time trying to think about Christmas with it only having been 3 1/2 weeks ago. It's a good thing you love Christmas!

  16. Love the rosette topiary and all the clocks. I would need to be medicated so I wouldn't go into sensory overload. TFS

  17. Wow... that IS a huge building! No wonder your feet hurt! Hard to believe Christmas stuff for NEXT Christmas is already out for you buyers to order. Do you buy for more than 1 store? Do you have a budget? I'd think it'd be hard to stick to a budget there.... too much pretty stuff... and that IS only what I saw in the pics you shared...LOL. Can't wait to see what you do with that huge heart locket!

  18. Totally irrelevant but seeing all the Christmas things at Mart makes me feel better about the fact that I still haven't taken my Christmas tree down. LOL. Your taste is impeccable. So many beautiful things to choose from I know your clients will be ecstatic about what you order! Lots of great ideas are contained in this post! Take care and safe travel back to your comfy place!

  19. Great pictures of such fun merchandise. May I ask who you are buying for? Would love to make sure I shop at these places if they are a chain that might be in my area.

  20. How do you keep yourself from standing at the center of market and yelling "I Want It All!"?

    Thank you for sharing, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you're soon enjoying some personal time in your studio. :)

  21. Jim, these pictures bring back memories of going to Market in Dallas with my mom when I was growing up. Dumb kid though, wasn't really interested in things like that then. I love the large glass pane cabinet. I have 400 hundred teddy bears that would fight for a place in there. You and I have the same tastes (probably a Texas thing). Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. You are a real inspiration to us all and a very talented and sweet (I'm guessing) Texas gentleman. I can see several of these things getting started in your craft haven. Maybe even one or two of them in mine.
    Have A Great Week,
    Pammiebear in Texas

  22. Thanks Jim, I'm new here. Used the hand painted red heart as inspiration for a valentine's card--appreciate the photos!

  23. I knew Market was huge. I've passed that sucker a few times & from what I understand you guys don't even use all of it. But I might have the confused with the fabric show that runs right after y'alls. My feet hurt just thinking about all your walking.

    That tree done up with silver & purple was my fav until you showed all the clocks. I've always said that if I ever get my own house I'd decorate a room for Christmas & leave it that way all year long. I think I'd like to do my living room with clocks. That giant one that looks like it's on a cog made my heart skip a beat. LOVE IT!!! Loved the dice boxes too. We are gamers & now I'm wondering if I can make a 20 sided dice out of paper or cardboard. Any thoughts or suggestions on that? I'm thinking a box that can hold coasters for game night. :)

  24. Tim's blog today includes your eiffel tower. he says you are seriously brilliant!! Couldn't agree more. Congrats.

  25. Hi Jim, this looks like fun! I am impressed with everything but especially love the Jack Frost looking character in the Christmas tree, he looks like he is ready to cause some mischief :) and those fur deer collars are awesome. Haven't seen those before either. Loving the pics, thanks for sharing !

  26. Where is the Plane with the Clock going to be sold .... my hubby would go nuts for one of those (must remember an internet search next christmas). but WOW what a huge place and so many cool things and ideas.

  27. Okay Mr. Jim - Got to have one of those 2 tier revolving galvanized metal bins that you have pictured in one of the pictures above. Can you guide me where to get one? Or give me the formal name so I can search for it. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos and thank you so much for sharing them with us. Hugz!! Kimmy

  28. Wow! I had NO idea Market was so BIG! Love seeing all the pictures... LOVE the clocks.
    The dice boxes too! Don't work to hard :)

  29. I've actually had instructions in my stash for a few years now, on how to make giant die pieces, but not as boxes. Boxes would be cool.

    Looks like a fabulous event to visit!

  30. That Santa in the fur coat is GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing a tour of market, Jim!


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