Monday, January 21, 2013

Dallas Market - Day 4...

Howdy All!

Hope you all had a wonderful MLK Day whether you worked, volunteered, served or rested.  It was a beautiful day here in Dallas.  A bit cooler today, but nice and sunny.

There were more cool things to be found today...But first I wanted to share my own personal pick for's actually a textile... I see a trend in BURLAP!  Burlap everywhere!  Drapery panels, pillows, tablecloths, ribbons, accents, table runners, ornaments, chair coverings and's tucked in everywhere and and tons of showrooms!  When I had my store, back in the day, I used to LOVE to use burlap on everything... because it was so cheap.  It's cool to see it used so much again...EVERYWHERE!  I love the look of washed burlap....guess I'm heading to the fabric store for burlap when I get home.  I have an abundance of ideas!  Just sayin'...Think burlap, natural or dyed.

OK, Today I was a bit...well, let's call a spade a spade...not a big picture taker!  I completely didn't remember to take many photos!  LOL!  I did capture a couple and wanted to share what I had.

Here we go....

This would be awesome made from chipboard.  Cool Organizer!  Me thinks I need to try it!

Simple idea to upcycle a bottle for a vase.

This picture is for me!  LOL!  I would love to build one of these!  Awesome to see the structural bones.    
I love how the company chose a greenhouse to show off their garden merchandise in a rather sterile and contemporary interior hall.


Another cool organizational idea!

Clever of the showroom designers to put the bird plates in the birdcages.  Sorry for the blurry picture.

Christmas idea...take a red berry wreath and place it on the top of the tree to help build op the topper...


Cute idea for my pitchfork at home...

For my friend Fiona in the UK....She just received two of these "real" Border Collies (Joey and Lucky) from her husband for Christmas.



Had to take a picture of this sign as it brought back memories of both my grandfathers.  A little Texas oil history for ya....One of my grandfathers worked for Gulf Oil Company.  My other grandfather worked for Tidewater Oil Comanpany.  It is my understanding that many of the folks that came out to East Texas during the oil boom in the 20's and 30's worked for one of the many oil companies like Humble Oil (which believe it or not  became the largest dometic producer of crude oil during the war), Humble became Esso and Enco now Exxon, Gulf Oil now Chevron,  Continental Oil Corp (Conoco)Texas Comapany (Texaco), Magnolia Petroleum Company (Mobile), or Tidewater Oil.

WASHI TAPE!  I know...Only I can go from Texas Oil History to Washi Tape!  Bahahaha!


Well, my more day and I'm back home!  Yahooooo!  Can't wait to design and work on some new projects.  I just know my studio missed me as much as I missed it!  I also know it's been awhile since I did a crafty post.  Hopefully you've been able to find some inspiration or something that may have sparked and idea from my blog posts while I've been away from home.....Thank you all for following along with me while in Dallas as well as LA!  

Have an Awesome Evening!

The Gentleman Crafter 


  1. Jim, you are a walking inspiration! Thanks for the pictures of Market. Looks like fun! Safe travels home!

  2. Enjoyed your market pics very much. I love the hanging organizers. I have the perfect wall for the long, skinny one. Did you read Tim's blog today? Are your cheeks blushing? I felt like a proud mama when I saw his comments about you. Awesome. They're going to help that tarot card reader's predictions come true.Hang n there - you've almost got it in the bag. Your studio is waiting with open arms.

  3. Thank you again for sharing so much (you sure have a lot of photos for someone who wasn't taking many pictures!).

    I'm craning to see what is on the left edge of the photo showing the vertical organizing bins ... looks like it might be an enormous metal/enamel flip calendar ... I need. :)

  4. LOVE your extremely cool pics! What great finds...and we know where you are...we can track you down like a dawg! Ha! Be well and Be creative, my friend.


  5. Enjoyed the market photos very much. It's fun to see what's going to be in the stores a few months down.

    Hope you read Tim's post today - your loyal followers always knew you were a genius, but to hear it from Tim Holtz?? Holy Hannah!

    Pam P

  6. Cool Idea's and WOW... love the history lesson! I bet once you get back to your studio, you will just get to working on a project and completely forget all of the other things going around you! (I do all the time; like wow... I'm hungry to find that you completely skipped lunch and it almost supper time! LOL!) Have a wonderful day and a safe trip home!

  7. Hey, you! Did you catch the Tim Holtz blog today. I believe he called you, ahem, a paper crafting genius! Now if that doesn't put a spring in your step....So happy for you, Jim! Well done!

  8. I didn't know the origin of the oil companies names. Very interesting. I enjoyed your photos and the ideas you are getting from these objects. It is fun to watch a marvel work!

  9. You are so right that would make great storage, I may have to give it a go. It must be fantastic to see all the fab stuff that's gonna be available soon, tfs!


  10. It so great to see what pictures and things that inspire you. Your inspiration is ours as well. Thanks for sharing. Have safe trip back your studio is calling you.

  11. I'm loving the Washi tape and the stamp sets. Thanks for the tip about burlap too - it's great that you can give us a heads up on what the next big trends are going to be before they happen here - I may even be able to be "fashionable" for once! LOL

    I'm off to check Tim's blog now and to agree wholeheartedly with him!

  12. That deer just cracked me up! So many fun and creative ideas.

  13. Jim, if I am having this much fun just looking at your pictures of this awesome place, I can only imagine how much you are enjoying it. Your brain must be on overload with all this inspiration flowing all over the place. I know mine is and I don't have to try to keep my mind centered on reality like you do, which is the real reason you are there - your job. But you are not a rookie. You have been doing this for some time now. Enjoy. We sure are enjoying it thru your eyes and pics.

  14. You're right...super ideas for crafty projects. Thanks for the history lesson...gotta go back and re-read that part.

    Congratulations on having "the most talked about sample in the idea-ology booth"!!!! Like others have said...Tim called you a "paper genius" and said you are "seriously brilliant"!!!! Of course we all knew that!!

  15. Wow... I'd be on sensory overload by now if I was there. I don't see how you're doing it especially right after CHA! Great pics!... and you said you didn't take many...LOL... oh my word, I wonder what you call a lot then! Those stamp sets used to be sold at Borders before they went out and I was lucky enough to get some at the end on sale.... they're pretty cool and retro looking. The glammed up deer is too funny! I agree... burlap is every where and crochet lace and doilies. Feathers seem to be back in too. Both collect dust. There I said it. I avoid dust collectors if I can! Enjoy the last of the show and have a safe trip back home! I'm missing your creations and can't wait to see what your dreamin' up!

  16. Thanks Jim, for another day of inspiration and goodies to drool over. Love the Washi Tape and the burlap. Lets just hope burlap stays cheap after this trend hits. Guess I need to go out and get some now.

    Take care,
    Pammiebear in Texas

  17. A marketing professor once told me that Esso made a huge mistake when it marketed it's gas in Japan or China (don't remember where since it was years ago and my mind now is as sharp as a worn down pencil.) They failed to research what Esso meant in their language. Turns out is translated "stalled car" - thanks for giving me a chuckle this morning!

  18. lots of inspiration for you it looks like! hurry home so we can see what you create!

  19. I just found your blog, but I'm totally enjoying it. I've seen your work in the past with different vendors .. but seeing your Eifel Tower on Tim's blog that was in his CHA booth .. it was AMAZING .. I can't wait to see what awaits !!

  20. thanks for sharing, I am so enjoying this, wish I could have been there,

  21. ALL your posts are inspirational. BTW, I was born & raised in Humble, TX. :D

  22. While love your blog I sure do wish your typeface was more "old eyes" friendly. I can read only bits and pieces before my eyes strain. Otherwise, the photos alone are a source of inspiration and appreciation.

  23. my computer screwed up or have you not posted since last Monday?....just wondering as you seem to be M.I.A....are you still under the weather?....if so, hurry up and get well!....


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