Monday, September 10, 2012

Graphic 45 Layout Reveal Tomorrow!


Well, I walked in the door exactly 3 hours ago from Dallas and haven't stopped yet!  LOL!  So, I'm taking the opportunity to sit down for a second and take a breather to blog!  My little escape!  LOL! 

Tonight, there will be no problems sleeping... I can guarantee that!  I'm wiped out and it's only 9:45 p.m.  So good to be home, but so good to get away if only over night!  Anyway, I wanted to share a few things real quick before I hit the hay!

I was able go by The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie coming home! By shear luck, Gina was checking in some BRAND NEW FANTASTIC Dylusions stamps as well as some GORGEOUS Stampers Anonymous stamps!  Lucky huh?  YAHOOOO!  I had the most incredible opportunity to meet Carolyn Ross the owner of The Craft Scrapper as well as Gina the Store Manager.  I have talked to both on the phone before, but always seemed to miss them in person.  It was an incredible treat.  Two beautiful and very kind ladies!  Thank you Carolyn and Gina for making my visit so memorable.

While I was there, by chance again, I also met a follower, LeAnn A. who had special treat in store for me.  She made the Fiona's Lace Mini I'd done a YouTube video on and I was able to see her INCREDIBLE handiwork!  What an awesome job.  I was thrilled to see it.  Thanks Leigh Ann for sharing it with me and for allowing me to give you a big old bear hug!  You are too sweet!  It was nice meeting you.

Once again, I want to thank you all for your AMAZING comments that are still coming in on the Traveling Dylusions project.  Man, You guys are something!  Thank you!  In response to many of your emails, I did come home and do a semi-short tutorial on how I made the cases for the Traveling Travis figure.  I need to edit it and upload it so check on my YouTube Channel tomorrow for that.  Too pooped tonight to try to get into all that editing if that's OK.

Again, THANK YOU for your FANTASTIC comments on my Graphic 45 project that was featured today on the Graphic 45 blog!  The Graphic 45 Quote Wallet was really a fast fun project and I'm so happy that you liked it.  Yes, if I don't sit down long enough to write a tutorial on it, I will show you how it was made by video.  Thank you for asking!  I cannot tell you how amazing that makes me feel! 

Last, but certainly not least, speaking of Graphic 45, I'm up again tomorrow with my CHA Graphic 45 Layout on Graphic 45 blog.  Please come by and see it.  But here's the deal folks, please be kind when you see it!  LOL!  It was my first and actually ONLY layout ever.  I think out of all the G45 projects we were asked to do for CHA, this is the one I dreaded the most!  Just warning ya!  LOL!

Thanks For Coming By Y'all!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Jim, I have been off the radar for the entire weekend and played a little catch up this evening. Gotta say, your quote wallet was amazing!!!!! And, I bet, that meeting Leigh Ann was also amazing. The video tutorial you did for us on Fiona's Lace mini was one of my favorites. That is probably the only reason I would actually buy one of those Lucky 8 punches. They are just to bulky and rather expensive to own to many of those, but that one was definitely one of my favorites and I would definitely like to make that project. A real stunner in my book. As for the layout - can't wait to see tomorrows post. I know it will be incrediable even though creating it put you out of your comfort zone. You are more of the 3-D kinda guy which is much more difficult actually then creating a layout. Have a good evening, and am looking forward to the tut on the Traveling Travis Figure.

  2. I love the idea of a quote wallet!I really like your combinations of G45 papers and your design is wonderful. If you do find time for a video it would be much appreciated. On the other hand, don't wear yourself to a frazzle. Busy months are ahead.:)
    I'm glad you got to stop in Waxahatchie (such a terrific name),see new stuff and run into Leigh Ann.And that was just on your way home.
    Thanks for the tutorial on the Traveling Travis cases.I was wondering how to do those. You're the best!

  3. So glad you're home safe and sound....even if you're exhausted...LOL!!! What a bonus to meet LeAnn and to see here version of Fiona's mini. I just knew you'd have to get off I35 to go to The Crafty that store...too bad it's not closer to Gtown.

  4. I missed this post went it went just had to come back and say...YOU ROCKed the LO! It's the best of the three!


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