Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jacked Up Jack....

Good Evening Everybody!

Yes, I did take my vitamins again today!  Thanks for asking!  LOL!  I'm feeling healthy already!  I even went for a walk tonight!  It's so hard to carve out time to do things like....Take care of yourself!  LOL!  I would rather be sitting on my duff making something.  Every morning when I glance over at my million dollar treadmill, the guilt gets to me!  I simply say to myself tonight...tonight!  Well, the treadmill still has boxes of stuff sitting on top of it (It's one of the only flat surfaces left in my house!  Just saying'!) but as I said above, I did manage to go for a wonderful walk.  I have learned not to text and try to walk down a country lane though!  I almost derailed and fell smack dab in the ditch!  I need to be flapping my arms anyway.  Isn't there more of a calorie burn if you move more than your legs?  LOL!

Well, the vitamins may be helping with the energy, but the brain not so much!  Poor little guy is always on about four things at once and never surfaces for long on a single thought!  Tonight, for example, my friend Marsha and I were locking up the office.  She handed me her keys for some reason and I locked the front door and she went around to the backdoor and locked it as she went out. (It locks from the inside)  We met in the hallway.  I stopped to talk to some folks and she went on.  A moment later, I reached in my satchel for my keys and pulled out her keys and thought, how did her keys get in my bag!  I yelled down the hall to her and asked if she had my keys thinking there was some kind of a mix up...I had  completely forgot she had handed me her keys.  Funny enough, she had forgotten too!  That truly is why she and I are such great friends.  Great minds think alike...or not!  God Help Us!

Tonight I wanted to share a video of the Jacked Up Jack O'Lantern.  The video finally uploaded to YouTube so here we go....Hope you can find some inspiration from it.  By The Way, I'm totally loving the Ranger Inkssentials foil tape sheets I used on old Jack!!  To much fun!

Thank you all!  Have a wonderful night!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Quite the video... inspiration galore! Have a great night!

  2. Thanks for the video on Jack. I'm inspired to make my own jacked up creation!

  3. I still think those 'veins' are creepy! LOL But you inspired me to make one of my own... bought the pumpkin yesterday and I hope to have time this weekend to start! I'll do the veins too... lol... thanks for the video!

  4. So beautiful, I can't stop looking at it!

  5. I'm not that big of a steampunk lover Jim, but this is really cool, I might have to try this. Now the keys in your pocket are another story. You are not alone my friend I do stuff like that all the time, I'm 53 and once I turned 50 my brain turned to mush!!! Thanks for more details on the Jacked Up Jack.

  6. I saw Tim's, but I have to say I think I like your's even better!!! Love all the creative use of Ideology parts. As for the memory or lack of, it happens to all of us, young and old. Years ago, I took a middle management course in Listening & Memory Developement. The class opening was the distribution of a shopping list of 100 items. You were told that everyone had a different list, and that by the end of the 3 day class everyone would be called upon to recite their list of items forward and backward. After much moaning & groaning from all of us who just knew that that was an absolute impossibility of ever happening, we learned that their is an art to memory developement. Amazingly enough everyone actually accomplished this feat and were atleast able to recite their respective list forward, and most were even able to recite it backwards as well. Best class I have ever taken.

  7. Jack is super cool!!! Love all the steampunkie-tim goodness!! You did a wonderful job creating Jack!!!

  8. Love it! Thanks for sharing Jack and for the laughs. :D

  9. I love the "veins" - they look like vines growing under the metal.

    Your ability to see a pumpkin face in those diverse parts absolutely astounds me. Wish I had half of your imagination.


  10. Love your Jacked up Jack-o-lantern! How STINKIN cute is that. You did a phenomenal job! I wanna make one now. Maybe I will. Thanks for sharing and your video was great!

  11. cant get enough of the portly guy Sir
    jim lol fab work


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