Sunday, October 7, 2012

Marianna, Florida!

OK, let's see where are we....Maianna, FL.  My handy dandy GPS says...356 miles to go.  ETA of 4:50 pm. That's about 5 hours and 55 minutes.  Cunning little machines huh? 

Had to stop and stretch my legs amd took.a few shots. The last one is me getting a little car crazy!

The Traveling Gent


  1. Soooo close to your destination!!

  2. Oh, the banana spider....the unofficial mascot of the South.

  3. What is it with you and scary spiders? ? ? Yikes. Signed, I don't do spiders, Linda myers

  4. Ok...the spider was creepy and the picture of you...totally looped out...was that because of the spider or the long drive?!?!

  5. Sitting here with slippers on my cold toes. Wishing I had some of that sunshine, spiders or not! Can't wait to see the car picture of you in 3 hours! LOL

  6. Need one of those machines, no wonder I always get lost ....

    Hugs Shirley x x


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