Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hello Everybody!

Tonight, I have been finishing up the last two Dylusional Masks!  The thing I think I'm learning through making these masks is to like fussy cutting.  OK, don't go crazy on me....I said, THINK!  LOL!  However, when folks say they watch TV while doing this task, how in blue blazes do you stay on the lines?  I had one eye on the tube, one eye on the scissors and another eye on the paper...Still lopped off essential parts! :)  Three eyes is not enough!  Ahhhhhh....But I found the trick...That black marker works wonders for creating new lines like they were supposed to be there!  :)  Yep!  Magic!

So, the masks are done, now I'm onto a cool new mini I thought about in the car today!  So excited about it.  We'll see if what me head thinks, me hands can create!  Its always a toss up!  LOL!

Here are the last two masks.  One simple and the other ...well...leafy!  Let's do the simple one first....

"AnteDyluvian" Mask

Supplies Used:

Ranger Manilla Cardstock
Dylusion Stamps-
   Say What You Mean
   Bits and Bats
   Birds On A Wire
   Bits of This
Black String

Green Man "Dylusian" Mask

Supplies Used:

Ranger Manilla Cardstock
Dylusions Spray Inks-
   Fresh Lime
   Cut Grass
   Melted ChocolateDylusion Stamps-
   Further Round The Edge
   Tallulah Tripp
   How Does Your Garden Grow
   Doodle Parts
   Ruby RainbowRibbon
White Ink Pen

Well, That's it folks!  Thank you so much for coming to visit!  Hope you can find some inspiration.  

Have an awesome night!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. I love them both, the top hat is so cute (by the way I was at Michaels tonight and saw a top hat and thought of you) The mushrooms growing out of the leaves, too cute! Now a mini, no fair I want some of your ideas.

  2. Jim these are all simply amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jim these are all simply amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yet again words fail me. Absolutely frikkin amazing xx

  5. Absolutely brilliant!! Love all of them but the green one is to die for!!

  6. Fabulous! Love the green man mask. I have looked at all the others and the devil mask is so striking! Great work Jim! TFS!

  7. Ooops you did it again! You are having way too much fun and I'm loving it!!! While all of them are GREAT, I think the green leafy one is my favorite...just sayin'! LOL!

  8. how great are these masks!!! too much fun! When do you leave for Florida? Will you wear your mask for Dyan's class!!!! She will love it!!! I mean, it is October, time to
    be crazy, right?!!!
    Love the way your creative mind works with these great projects!

  9. WOW Outstanding! These masks are amazing.

  10. Wow! They're all great but the green one is my favourite. You've certainly got into the fussy cutting big time! Your effort was well worth it . . . Spectacular!

  11. Outstanding Jim! Love all the textures and details. You are really putting the Gentleman touch on Dylusions.

  12. First let me say, NOTHING you do is simple. The creativity alone takes it out of the simple range. I love all the masks. Wonderful use of the colors in this line.

  13. Love'em both!!! My favorite is the leaf-y the toad stools and flower sticking up and all the leaves...LOTS of fussy cutting!!!

    Have a safe trip!!

  14. Your masks are PHENOMENAL.. all 4 of them! Hard to decide on which is my fav! Cheers! :)

  15. Fantastic, and I love the green one too!

  16. WOW !! What can I say ... WOW !

  17. Fabulous both but the green one is just amazing :)

  18. Ooooooooooh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Green Man mask! Dyan's leaf stamps are one of my favourites anyway, but what you've done with them is incredible! Well done you!


  19. These are stunning! I would wear any one of them...Absolutely GORGEOUS! I really love masks and this is such a great idea...Thanx so much for sharing!


  20. Your masks are absolutely brilliant! I've just finished my own today..! Would love it if you took a look! :)
    Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Siv xx

  21. Love Both! It's amazing and new creation.Thanks for sharing.



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