Thursday, October 4, 2012

A MIxed Bag Tonight!

Good Day Y'all!

Tonight I have a melange of things to share with you.  So I better get with it because....guess what....I'm packing!  I actually have the suit case opened and am throwing stuff in! My favorite Sponge Bob Underoos, my jeans and several pairs of shorts and t-shirts!  Beachwear at it's finest....uhhhhh....well, beachwear anyway!   Also, I have my Xtra-Large craft case open and throwing stuff in it as well!  Oh I wish I could take a Uhaul and just throw my whole craft room in it!  But this time I have planned out what I'm taking!  YEP!  I planned it!....Kinda!  I barely have room for my trusty top hat that always accompanies me on any journey!

Enough about me and my trip, as I said above, I have a mixed bag of things to share with you tonight...

I wanted to show you some incredibly lovely and fabulous things I received this week!  I hope just by looking at them you can find some cool inspiration to maybe start a project of your own....

First up tonight...My beautiful pal and lovely volunteer, Scherry Wells crafted this amazing Halloween treat for me and filled it with lovely candies!  I think she did an awesome job and LOVE that she thought about it enough to place a top hat on it!  So cool... Here is her wonderful gift....

Next up, is an incredible gift I received from the renown folk artist, Kay Pierce!  I am fortunate enough to live in the same state as Kay... the same area of Texas and have been blessed with several of her amazing works of art.  I just received this amazing gift today and I'm in love!  I'm going to use it when I go trick-or-treating... To light the way!


You have heard me talk about right?  Well they have the most incredible clasps in that really ROCK MY WORLD!  I mean ROCK IT!  So rocked that I gave my friend Jennings644 a few to try out and she was pleased as punch!  here's her sweet video!

Last, I wanted to share with you all that tomorrow Maiko Miwa and  I will be featured on the Graphic 45 blog.  Graphic 45 is celebrating World Card Making Day on Saturday!  Please join us tomorrow on G45's blog!   Why on earth they picked me for World Card Making Day is beyond me, but I'm honored and I try real hard!  LOL!

Here's a sneak peek!

and this one....hehhehe (evil laughs!)

Last, you know when I go on vacation I like to play, "A few of my favorite things give-a-way game" right?  Well if not, stay tuned.... it's fun and well worth visiting...I think!  LOL!  Yahoooo! another give-a-way coming....You could be a winner !!!!! Visit my blog while I'm away and you could win the give-a-way today!!  Corny huh?  Oh Well! :)

Thanks gang for coming to visit and I hope that you found something you could take away and use from my post today.  See that rhymes too!  Thank you Scherry and Kay for making my day so much brighter.  Your art fills my heart with joy and inspiration!

Have an awesome night and I'll see you tomorrow on G45's blog as well as on the road with some road trip blogging!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. You have a great trip, Jimbo, and be sure and have a blast! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Travel safe my friend!! Have a wonderful trip...and of course tell us all about your favorite things!!

  3. NOW you can have a truly awesome vacation. Hope the trip is a good one. You got the underoos, hope you tossed some garanimals in that case too. I, too have something to send you but will wait until you come back. Maybe I will just bring it over. you know how bad I am about mailing!

  4. Have a wonderfilled trip! Love your Green man mask, you are always such an inspiration. Enjoy and looking forward to seeing you around again soon!

  5. Road Trip! Have a fun time Jim. What wonderful gifts you received. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your favorite things. Night!

  6. Scoobie Do? Where Are You? Have fun and be sure to post along the way, we need to see what you do in your dilusional classes !!! Blessings Carol

  7. have a fab time Sir Jim come back refreshed and inspired with what you see on holiday

  8. Have a great trip and I look forward to hearing about it on your return. It's so nice to receive happy mail; especially such beautiful things!

  9. Your gifts are fabulous! Have a GREAT trip and wave as you pass through Orlando on your way to visit Dyan...I can't wait to see what magnificent project you create with her. I'll be looking forward to your G45 blogpost as well.

  10. Well, you got some lovely gifts there Jim and it was so sweet of you to send those clasps to Fi too. I hope you have a great time while you're away and behave yourself with Dyan! Looking forward to hearing all about it. If off to check the G45 blog now.


  11. Mrs. Hardy, Still can't get used to that! Y'all Meet The newly married Lynn Hardy aka Lynn Wild! LOL!

    Lynn, about 10 more minutes love! Centra our time in the UK....let me look...1:00 p.m. Yahooo!

    Have an awesome day Mrs. Lynn!


  12. Fabulous gifts Jim. Even though I hate spiders, the top hat one is my favourite. And thanks for directing me to scrapadabadoo. I've finally found the acrylic sheets I've been searching for

  13. Leah, and they have THE Best Acetate Sheets EVER! It's all I use! Heavy and awesome stuff! Love it! Thanks Leah! J.

  14. Have a wonderful and well deserved holiday Jim. I'm looking forward to your interesting and amusing travel posts.

  15. because they only pick the best!

  16. What do we search for the closures. Can't find them on their site. Thanks, Jim.


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