Monday, October 29, 2012

A Few Notes....From Acetate to Nachos!

Good Evening Everybody!

Tonight I have a mixed bag of things I wanted to mention....

First Off... Carriage Clock Info...

Thank you so much for purchasing the Carriage Clock Tutorial!  As always I'm so incredibly honored!  Unbelievable!  Thanks Gang!

Some notes on the pattern....

Yes, I did have a big typo on the front cover of the Tutorial!  LOL!  I believe I put blogsot instead of blogspot.  I was just trying to be unique you know?  LOL!

Next, I've received several emails asking about where I buy my acetate for the clock face, so I thought I would post it here for all.  I have found the best heavy weight acetate from!  Here is the link:  9x12 Acrylic Sheets.  You won't be disappointed!

Another tip.... A fellow paper crafter, Katina sent this one to me.   Katina found it easier to use a 1/2 inch -half round piece she found from the hardware store.  Probably in the Trim Department- Lumber section.  What's awesome about this is, it would truly be easier to cut and sometimes you can catch one of the sales folks and have them cut it for you.  Thanks Tons Katina!  Awesome Idea!

Last, I want to blow y'all away!  Ready!  I'm not a cook!  I mean NOT A COOK!  I try so hard at it, but gave it up when I tried to make a birthday torte for a friend that ended up being a paperweight I still use today on my desk!!  LOL!  I'm going to be honest here, I do have occasional moments of frustration.  :) However, when I even get near the kitchen my frustration level immediately grows and a bright red rash that spells out "Loser" shows up on my forehead!  LOL!  I even burn the hellations out of a microwave dinner for God's sake!  Just not my forte!  Hate it!  LOL!  I've gotten to the point where I'd rather go to bed hungry than to burn, over-salt, boil to long, forget to add ingredients, you name it to food!

But tonight, I found something simple!  It's one of those, Oh My Gosh, I actually made this moments!  OK, don't laugh at me!  (I'm sure it wasn't the healthiest meal around, but I did go for a nice long walk tonight to offset some of the calories!)  The recipe came from the Campbell's Kitchen Quick and Easy recipe thing online.  Go figure!  You can find it here...Quick & Easy Dinner Nacho Supreme.

For the seasoning packet I used McCormick's Taco Seasoning packet and used Ground Sirloin instead of plain old ground beef.  On a bed of lettuce, as a taco salad, on a nippy night like tonight...TOOLICIOUS! Y'all!  If you eat beef that is.  It came out great!  Yahooo!

See, I told you about my A-D-D! Only I can blog about Acetate and Nacho's in a single post!  LOL!

Y'all have an awesome night!  Back to the studio...

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Jim: really proud of your "cookin" skills tonight. Good job! Seriously, I want to thank you for being so generous with all your hints and tutorials and "where to buys. I don't have a local stamp store, so online is where I start, but it helps that you pave the way and tell us where the good places are.

  2. Hey Jimbug! Thanks for the credit! Since you are cooking-challenged I would like to give a simple recipe that my brother was actually able to make on his own, all by himself, at 16! And it only has 4 ingredients...

    Spray a casserole dish with Pam, makes it easier to clean later.
    Dump in one bag of Nacho flavored Doritos
    Slice or dice up a red onion and spread over the top
    Pour on a can or two of your favorite chili, you need enough to cover well (I use Wolf's...)
    Sprinkle the top with grated cheddar cheese
    Cover with foil
    Bake at 350 degrees until bubbly, 40 min maybe? (heck, this was almost 35 years ago so who remembers)

  3. LOL Jim....speaking of A.D.D. (I have it to but...) I want to know what *IT* was that Katina got a *1/2 inch* of....LOL!

    Jill <---in California

    1. Hiya Jill! Sorry, missed ya! LOL! Katina bought a 1/2-inch wide half round piece of dowel from the trim department. Better blog it instead....Thanks Jill...

  4. Hey Jim - go on - we are all dying to see your torte paperweight now! I like the idea of everyone sharing their easy recipes here for you. You will have to start a new blog section for them. Either that or we will be sending you food parcels next!

    On a more serious note, we have been watching the news about the huge storm over there and all the devastation it has caused. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected. I have been worried about you, but I don't think that Texas is in the path of the storm at the moment. If you get chance, please would you just let us know that you are OK?

    1. Yes, Lynn...Fine here but hearing about all the devastation this morning in the Northeast on the news. So amazingly sad....Keep them in your thoughts and prayers today and the days to follow....J.

  5. Jim, this recipe never fails for me. :)

    1. Michelle, Looks AMAZING! Cool nite recipe! Love it! Thanks! J.

  6. Hi the neww look btw!.....tried the recipe link and it didn't work for me but that could just be my computer....besides I am a great cook! wait to see what you have in store for us in November.....

    1. Thanks June-Marie....Fixed the link! Sorry 'bout that! J.

  7. Only you could manage to get acetate and nachos in the same post! Love it. Always a pleasure to see what you are up to. Looking forward to your holiday creations.

  8. OMG!!! You cooked?!?! What is this world coming to?!?! LOL!!! Loved the post...only you can talk about food and acetate in the same post.

    Michelle...thanks for the link...looks yummy...gonna try it.

  9. "Burn the hellations" is my new favorite phrase. I can't thank you enough!!!


  10. I love posts like this one - funny, informative, and, may I say, crackers!
    Jumping from here to there and back again keeps you readers on their toes! Love it! BTW you didn't answer Auntie Jills' question about the 1/2 round.
    Hugs Julie

  11. Thanks for the recipe tip! It's always wonderful to hear non-ccoks trying new things. You gotta eat!! As always, thanks for sharing what's new in your life.

  12. Yeah, you didn't answer my question. Since you responded to all of the others...what-the-heck??

    Anyway...if you go back and read what you wrote *Another tip* paragraph, you will see that it's a legitimate question...

  13. hiya jim,
    being from the south i have a great appetizer that even you can do. go ahead impress the heck out of some of your friends. thia is for sausage dip.

    1 can rotel tomatoes (not the italian) original or hot are best
    1 lb of jimmy dean sausage browned. wait you say you burn it. they make a 12oz pre-cooked version that is just fine. 1 bag
    2 8oz bricks of cream cheese

    this is an adictive and easy munchie.about the only real southern recipe i have.

    enjoy. no acetate required!

    get a microwaveable bowl add all ingredients heat until hot... poof. get a bag of scoops or tostitos chips and you are in heaven.

  14. I will have to try the recipe. Thank you. They do not have to be hard to be good and healthy.

  15. Pa over to your desk....wanna see the torte paperweight!!!


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